2015 Full Moons, Fixed Stars and Planets: blood moons at Passover & Sukkot, 5775-5776


New years full moon @ Sirius

Full moon of tu bishvat @ Jupiter

Purim; Chiron-Pisces sun-Moon

4/4 full moon is blood red over Pacific ocean; partial over western usa

5/6/15 (note 6=15) Second Passover full moon Taurus-Scorpio

6/2/15 11′ Gemini (Aldebaran) – Sagittarius; Saturn direct 6/15

7/1 9′ Cancer-Capricorn; Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo

7/31 7′ Aquarius-Leo; Jupiter square Saturn

**8/12 Jupiter in Virgo (at Regulus)**

**8/15 Venus sun conjunction; Venus becomes visible as morning star after this**

8/29 Sun/Jupiter Virgo – Moon/Chiron Pisces

**9/13 head of 5776 since Creation**

Night of 9/27 last blood moon Sun 4 Libra – Moon 4 Aries

This total lunar eclipse will be visible from most of North America, South America, Europe, west Asia and parts of Africa will be able to see the eclipse.
The eclipse will last for 3 hrs and 20 mins from beginning to end. The Moon will be totally eclipsed (totality) for about 1 hr and 12 mins.

More here

Total eclipse begins 7pm pst / 10pm est / 2am utc (moonrise at sunset)

10/27 3′ Scorpio-Taurus

11/23 1′ Sag-Gemini(Pleiades); Venus 16′ Libra; Mars 6′ Libra

12/24 Christmas Eve 3′ Capircorn-Cancer; Jupiter trine Mercury @ 22 Virgo-Capricorn


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