Full moon February Aquarius/Leo Yod at Jupiter Moon Tu Bishvat Budding of 2015 Chinese Year of Green Wooden Sheep

Looking ahead birdseye 2015…

The new moon 1/19-21 will be in Aquarius. The dark skies may brighten the tail comet Lovejoy near the Pleaides . . .

The next full moon after that will be in Leo, conjunct Jupiter, opposite the sun in Aquarius. There is also a Yod of finger of God pointing at the moon and Jupiter, created by Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. The wounded healer and Pheonix rising create in the crucible of life the fiery messianic child within.

The Feburary full moon 2/4 is also Tu Bishvat, the budding of the trees, when the sap begins to flow. All that has been decreed on Rosh Hashana (fall equinox) and reexamined in the light of the inner mystical knowledge at the winter solstice now comes to fruition. Also coincides with the start of the chinese new year of the green wooden sheep. May it be a fruitful beginning with blessings of revealed good at all levels!



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