Full moon 1/5 to new moon 1/20: from Cancer to Aquarius, the last 2 weeks of winter prior to Tu Bishvat


Sunrise Jan 6 2015
Moon opposes Mercury and Venus just before sunrise

Night of Jan 6 2015
Moon is conjunct Praespe or M44 or the Beehive cluster which may have been featured in Plate 70 of Nostradamus’ lost book
It lies at 7’32” Leo currently

Moon and Jupiter conjunct at night 1/7
1/7 is also the beginning of nights for better Lovejoy viewing due to moon rising later – moon rises when Venus sets

Jan 8 moon rises when mars sets

1/12 moon in tight t-square with node, uranus, pluto
1/12-1/13 quarter moon

1/15-1/16 moon conjunct Saturn (not visible)

1/17-1/18 Moon at Galactic center, opposite Orion’s belt
Lovejoy at Pleiades

1/19 moon conjunct pluto, very tight t-square with node and uranus
Jupiter/Venus aligned 19′ Leo/Aquarius

Early morning 1/20 new moon aquarius


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  1. Mordechai ben Avram

    Fun with Numbers

    Genesis 1, 1 In the beginning, ELoHIM created…
    Gematria (Hebrew math) of ELoHIM אֱלֹהִים
    Alef 1, Lamed 30, Hei 5, Yud 10 Mem 40 (no final Mem value here)

    Drop the zeros put the rest in a circle and you get, well a circle!
    3 1 4 1 5, it goes on a bit!

    Pi in the first sentence of the TORAH! I’m familiar with various TORAH codes, Letter substitution, ELS (equidistant letter sequence) etc… but this is new to me.

    I’ll call it Gilgal (wheel).
    Now where’s that Fibonacci sequence?

    Now on the 2015 (drop the zero)

    (See your youtube channel for the rest…)

    • Oh Wow!

      Indeed I have been watching that date. 3/17 we have early elections in Israel, and 3/20 is the solar eclipse on 1 Nissan 5775, on the very day of the spring equinox (solar-lunar lineup).

      The full circle theme seems to be hitting home today too. We have a time capsule being opened from 1795, 220 years ago. 1/5/15 was the midpoint of an eclipse sequence going through 2019 which is also the year of Rosh Hashana 5780 or 2020, 220 years from 6000. It appears as if the second half of this eclipse sequence offers us a unique portal into the world to come – if we be exercise the free will we are granted from God, for such a time as this. Also note many references to space and time travel in TV shows this season. We are entering the season of Friday afternoon when one who has lit the candles is already in shabbos.

  2. It appears Fibonacci was the sequence of creation and is the sequence to Mashiach (gematria 358)

    See the double spiral here: http://www.crystalinks.com/reality.html

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