The New Year of the Trees / Imbolc 2015 / Full Moon Leo / Aquarius / Solar Jupiter Opposition / Jupiter Ascending / Heaven on Earth / The Fruit with no seed or peel / The Composting of all into a new step

Moon reaches fullness at 3pm pdt on February 3rd:

full moon

Pluto at 14 Capricorn quincunx Moon at 14 Leo. Mars at 17 Pisces and Chiron at 15 Pisces quincunx moon as well, forming a yod with the sun at 14 Aquarius as the boomerang. Tremendous pressure on the birth of the messianic avatar fueled by the cathartic process and the force of karmic lessons, ultimately tumbling the rolling snowball over the precipice where it draws on the power of the Aquarius sun’s rays to forge a new path, one that envelops the old all into one step.

Hours later at 9pm pdt the moon is conjunct Jupiter @ 18 Leo. This conjunction is perfect as the full moon rises and traverses the sky on Tuesday night. The full Aquarius/Leo moon near Jupiter is a harbinger for the turn of the ages. The same night is true Imbolc or the exact midpoint between the winter solstice new moon and the spring equinox solar eclipse. A powerful full moon conjunct Jupiter marked by the finger of G-d at the precise midpoint of the Chanukah solstice and the solar eclipse on 1 Nissan at the equinox is another indicator for those with eyes to see that our divine DNA is awakening.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday Jews around the world celebrate Tu Bishvat or the new year of the trees, a holiday linked to the perennial full moon of Aquarius/Shevat. The new year of the trees is also the new year of Man (Aquarius), who is said to resemble a tree, namely the Tree of Life, created to ultimately manifest a bridge between realms uniting all of heaven of earth in a singular consciousness and resurrecting the lost unity of Eden through an eternal rise from the fall. This rise will be complete at the rising of the morning star (Venus) in August 2015.

On Tu Bishvat 4 types of fruit are eaten: those with seeds, those with peels, those with peels and seeds, and those with no peels and no seeds. At the highest level nothing is discarded. Ultimately the seed too contains the material whose decomposition holds the seed for new growth. Which path will the world take at this juncture? Will everything be sweetened, and nothing discarded? Will the peel and the seed be deemed unfit for the new age and be sacrificed for the eternal dawning ahead? Will the value of the seed as the most disguised spark of all be recognized and planted thoughtfully to facilitate the orderly precession of divine order? This is the time of decision regarding how the peel and seed of the fruit – usually seen as inedible – fit in to the divine order that moves us from Egypt, to the liminal desert, to the promised land – which are all levels of evolving consciousness.

On Friday the sun and Jupiter are perfectly aligned in Aquarius and Leo and the new year of the Trees sequence is complete as the world enters Shabbat Yitro, when the path of illumination is universalized. In Jupiter Ascending, opening that night, a human being discovers she has christed DNA linking her to a galactic drama on the future of planet earth under the dynasty of the House of Abrasax, the interdimensional class of beings whose relationship to good and evil is not polaric like our own. As we ascend through the levels of fruit and reach for the level at which peel and seed are necessary stages, we swirl around our DNA Helix (XLIX) creating ten new bands and a braid that suits us up for the galactic journey ahead – taking place in this lowly realm – as all realms manifest here, as has been promised many many years ago.

When Yitro, the desert priest, joins the newly liberated House of Israel, the world is ready to receive the wisdom that unites Heaven and Earth into a singularity and what matters here matters very, very much, so much that every lightworker becomes a bastion for millions of angels and souls of the righteous praying for their guaranteed success — guaranteed because of the sweet sacrifice the lofty soul agreed to make in coming here – selflessly – out of complete nullification to the Creator of All – for the sake of ushering in the shift of the Ages – that will complete the precession from Egypt to Sinai to the Land of Israel – to the Tree of Life – the stage of Moses / Mashiach.

Chag Ha’Ilanot Sameaych


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