Mercury direct February 11; New moon Adar/Aquarius #2 February 18-21. the final month of the age

Mercury moving direct at 1′ Aquarius in 13 hours…

Mercury is the MIND.. sometimes experienced as the adversary for those of us awakening to a heart-centered existence.

And yet somehow, when we find ourselves planted in the heart space, is our mind not with us? It is seamlessly fused with the heart, and the higher mind spurts forth like a tree and its limbs bring blossoms and great produce…

Mercury in the air sign can feel quite foreign to those of us with a lot of water and fire in our charts – but interestingly Aquarius is also the water-bearer. Aquarius brings the knowledge of the golden age, and prophecy says this knowledge will cover the earth like water covers the sea in that age – the age that is the balm for our separation ailment, the age that is hacking into our matrix consciousness ray by ray. So as Mercury does its final turnaround of this start-of-the-year retrograde, it carries in its bosom a jug of Aquarian wisdom and will begin to pour it out…

Shortly after the new moon takes place in the final degrees of Aquarius – and due to precession – the new crescent will appear in the heart of the constellation of the Water Bearer in the night sky, around the 20th after the astronomical new moon on the 18th. This lunar cycle is also the Chinese new year, and on the Hebrew calendar, the final lunar month before the solar eclipse of Nissan, when the unseen becomes seen. In Adar, the fate of the remnant of Israel or the shred of faith or wakefulness is under immense pressure, pressure which sets the stage for an eternal rising, a testament to the nature of darkness itself as a hack whose time is near completion and ready to be done away with, forever.


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