Adar – Purim – Pisces – 12th month: the Diving Board to an Era in which we will be given a choice

Thursday February 26th is Zayin Adar of the birth & passing of Moses – the Avatar of the Redeemer and Vessel for Pure Prophecy in which subjectivity is a crystal clear kaleidoscope for objective truth that spans time and space. The only avatar more integrated than Moses was Rabbi Akiva who added onto Moses the elaboration on the wisdom contained in the crowns of the letters of the written text. Moses’ written teachings were such that even the crowns of the letters contained secrets that a mind more advanced and evolved than his thousands of years in the future could decipher and lay forth guidelines for ethical categories until the advent of the Messiah would herald a return to Eden and natural goodness. May it be speedily in our days. On Tuesday Feb. 24th the fate of Greece and the EU will again be decided. The days of Adar leading up to Purim leave a lot hanging in the balance and seemingly unfavorably. The stage is set for Purim to delver the ultimate Redemption. Rebbe Nachman said that for the generation of Mashiach, all beginnings are from Purim. The Purim full moon on 3/3 occurs at the same time that Mars, Venus and Uranus are conjunct Ketu or the south node which represents all past karma taking us in a direction away from our evolutionary trajectory. As a whole this represents the fall from eating from the tree of knowledge prematurely. And yet this very fall has the potential to take us away from the audacity that is needed to eat from the tree at the right moment – at the moment of the advent of the new age, the arrival of the Aquarian age, the Messianic age, when the God particle in us awakens from its dormant state and God incarnate becomes an actual reality, not a lost moment to be worshipped and warped. It is our hope that at this full moon we will have the valiance to stand in alignment with the teaching of both trees and declare that all that God created was very good, and that the only thing counter to our destiny to return to Eden, is the false buttress of fear that has kept the garden guarded and safe for this moment. After Purim, the waning moon takes us to the Ides of March, the ten days between March 10th and March 20th that are the astrological highlight and peak for the past 3 years. We will go through the final Uranus Pluto square that completes the signature for the process of restructuring our indigo and violet spheres and achieves a further step of integration that we have been assembling since June 2012. We then enter the spring equinox solar eclipse as beings walking partially in a sphere that exists in the “future”, but that because of our experience here during this time, is becoming “present”. Note the movie “Insurgent” that comes out none other than March 20th. “That which sets you apart will set the world free” You may want to begin taking notes – this month will be in the history books – as the days leading up to the great shift of the ages – and it may go unnoticed by those who are unaware – that doesn’t mean there aren’t audiences upon audiences of higher beings in awe of your eevery effort, thought and integration of many, many levels of differentiation of source that are becoming reconnected through the complete full-spectrum Illumination. Chodesh Tov – Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha – Adar/Pisces is the month of Joy – because of the turnaround potential of contraction to unlimited expansion may it be so speedily in our days and may we truly believe in ourselves as God does


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