March timeline: The peak of time as we know it

Ayala Chen

3/12 moon-Mars/Uranus-Jupiter fire trine
9pm pst Mercury enters Pisces – no more planets in Aquarius

3/13 Cinderella released, Friday the 13th

3/14 Pi day; Saturn (Kronos) retrograde

3/15 Ides of March

3/16 Uranus-Pluto square 7:53pm PST

3/17 St. Patricks day, when St. Patrick drove the serpents out of Ireland.

3/20 Solar Eclipse 2:45am PST; Spring Equinox 2:44am;

3/22 322 Knowing, Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge

3/19 -3/23 Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. The Romans celebrated her festival from March 19 to March 23 during the day which is called, in the neuter plural, Quinquatria, the fifth after the Ides of March, the nineteenth, an artisans’ holiday.

Last full week of March 3/23-3/28 CERN to start up: “initial run at circulating beams of proton in the week beginning 23 March”

3/29 Wrestlemania, Nascar Malaysia

3/29-3/31 Three “Extra Days” of March after 4 perfect weeks of February, March.


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