The final Pluto Uranus alignment and the March solar eclipse Friday afternoon over Jerusalem

Pluto is the slowest moving planet, spending 10-12 years in each sign – defining a generation. Although its wear and tear on the current structures is incremental, over a span of a decade it has changed the world forever. from the roaring 20s to the depression to wartime, the traditional american family to the 60s and drugs of the 70s, the music of the 80s and pop culture of the 90s…

the turn of the millenium brought the internet to many people’s homes and research and information changed forever. in the second decade of this millenium we grew accustomed to having this infinite information and communication nexus in the palm of our hands. halfway through this decade, apple is about to debut the iwatch, removing the use of hands and heralding a further integration of technology. is 2020 the event horizon of transhumanism?

william henry teaches we will have a choice between pink and gray. gray, accepting a mechanical enhancement that will upgrade our functioning to a new evolutionary threshold. and yet, this is all possible in a natural way from the depth of our being, and as the transhumanist horizon appriaches so will our innate godlike abilities return as we remember who we are. the timepiece in the sky attests that the age of Pisces is giving way to the Age of Aquarius when Christ’s legacy becomes our inheritance – as it has always been – but only in secret. Technology is an extension of our divine image, but never its displacement. remember, anti- in anti-christ means ‘in place of’. the attempts to make us into superhumans do attest however that we are actually inherently wired to be capable of such as soon as our dna is activated based on alignments occuring in the days weeks and months ahead. it is a hard thing to be born between worlds, between the crucifixion and the resurrection, but the self that we remember from the previous golden age continues to notice the script of its grand return at the edge of history, the Lion Sphinx standing poised to welcome the Water bearing, knowledge bearing race of humanity, those who have chosen to evolve and embrace their potential in an unprecedented return to who we really are after a long time away.

1 nissan, the solar eclipse, was the beginning of time, and in the midst of the blood moons, marks the inner beginning of a chapter of reincarnation as gods within ourselves, the kingdom of heaven is nigh, that is what the blood moons have always been about, labor pangs and new thresholds of light. world events at this time and especially external events related to prophecy are all the more reason to birth the consciousness that is the purpose of the times in which we find ourselves, the rift between the afternoon on Friday and sunset on the onset of Sabbath. Quite appropriately, the eclipse occurs exactly at midday on Friday in Jerusalem followed by the spring equinox as the Sabbath of the new moon of Nissan, echoing the beginning of Time, arrives with the Shabbat candles containing the Light from before creation as the sun disappears below the horizon and the Bride comes in. The book of Leviticus is read in the morning featuring the small Aleph indicating the capacity of the Moses program in us to become the pinnacle of humility (malkhut) and thus a merkavah conduit for the Shekhinah. this is the primary construction of the third temple and those who persist in seeking the elusive eye of the needle will be rewarded as the new energies of Shabbat flood the world and turn Friday (Yom Shishi, the 6th day) incrementally into the realm of holiness and separation (Yom HaShvii, the 7th day), a distinction that allows for the infinite revelation of Shabbat to find a resting place in this world.


Solar Eclipse at directly overhead (at midheaven) in Jerusalem, hours before the sun enters Aries on the spring equinox.


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  1. The new moon of nissan is truly the heart and time piece of the Bible, it is not just any new moon… and for that to be aligned with the equinox is a calendrical point of harmony and precision, and then for that time marker to be a solar eclipse, a testament to the power of the moon and light of hiding!

  2. The Seveth Pluto Uranus Square / Capstone ~ And You Will Know That I Am God

    The Inner, Essential “I”

    “I am in the midst of the exile” (Ezekiel 1:1).

    The inner, essential “I”—whether individual or communal—does not appear by itself. Rather, it appears in relation to our holiness and purity. It appears in relation to the amount of supernal power that, with the pure light of an elevated illumination, burns within us.

    “Both we and our forefathers sinned” (Psalms 106:6).

    This refers to the sin of Adam, who was alienated from his essential being. He turned to the consciousness of the serpent, and thus he lost himself. He could not clearly answer the question, “Where are you?”, because he did not know himself, because he had lost his true “I.”

    He had bowed to a strange god.

    And that was the sin of Israel, who “ran after foreign gods” (Deuteronomy 31:16). We abandoned our essential “I” “Israel rejected goodness” (Hosea 8:3).

    In the days of creation, the earth itself sinned. It denied its own essence.

    It constricted its power and went after limited goals and purposes. It did not give all of its hidden power so that the taste of the tree could be equal to the taste of its fruit.

    Instead, it raised its eyes to look outside of itself. It considered a trivial future and way of being.

    At that time as well, the moon complained. As a result, it lost its internal orbit, the joy of its portion. It was dreaming of a superficial beauty of royalty.

    Thus does the world continue, sinking into the destruction of every “I”—of the individual and of the whole.

    Learned educators come and focus on the superficial. They too remove their consciousness from the “I.”

    They add straw to the fire, give vinegar to the thirsty, and fatten minds and hearts with everything that is external to them.

    And the “I” gets progressively forgotten.

    And when there is no “I,” there is no “He,” and how much more is there no “You.”

    The Messiah is called “the breath of our nostrils, the anointed one of God” (Lamentations 4:20).

    This is his might, the beauty of his greatness: that he is not outside of us. He is the breath of our nostrils.

    Let us seek Hashem our God and David our king.

    Let us tremble before God and His goodness.

    Let us seek our “I.”

    Let us seek ourselves—and find.

    Remove all foreign gods, remove every stranger and illegitimate one.

    Then “you will know that I am Hashem your God, Who takes you out of the land of Egypt to be your God. I am Hashem.”

    Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Orot Hakodesh III, pp. 140-41

  3. ♥ Uranus Pluto square / milestone of three yeara building, TONIGHT. An Inner Hearth Unveiled

  4. However that we are actually inherently wired to be capable of such as soon as our dna is activated based on alignments occurring in the days weeks and months ahead.

    Yes indeed! What some refer to as ‘junk’ DNA is actually what Hashem disconnected due to humanities misbehavior(s) in the past. Amazingly this race is at it again distributing poisons and gmo’s across our Mother Earth. Oy, but sometime not far off, “H” will reconnect us and that will be a glorious day indeed!

    Thanks for your light, I’ve been Passover cleaning and I’m nearly finished!

    Chag Pesach sameach!

    Mordechai ben Avram

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