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The Night Sky of Iyyar/Taurus New moon 4/18 and Full moon 5/3


Chart for new moon Aries (tropical) 4/18 noon pdt
Uranus, Mars, Mercury assist in new moon “launch”


4/18 new moon in Pisces/Aries(sidereal) near Mars/Mercury with view of Venus, Aldebaran, Sirius, Orion, the twins, Jupiter
Apr 22-25 kickoff – new crescent moon will appear in this highly active portion of the sky
Apr 26-May 2 almost as if we are in the desert
May 3 2nd Passover full moon of Taurus/Scorpio


* Full moon sky features full moon at the Virgo’s feet:

As the the full moon rises 5/3, setting on the western sky are Mercury the Angel/Messenger at Aldebaran/Single Eye of the Sky – Sirius, Venus, Jupiter as Witnesses

Tiferet, the Middle Pillar, the Capstone, the 7 weeks of Arrangement, the 33rd day, the Holy Spirit and the cycle of rebirth beginning in Tammuz


Tiferet is the first sefira of the middle pillar and also the totality of the principle of beauty, truth, grace, and the perfect balance of love and measure in unison

Motzei Tiferet is the day that the Tiferet energy of balancing the pillars has been cleared, achieved, fixing the error in the pillars and realigning with the Torus of the atom Adam flow…..
4/22 < note the numbers, this day represents a domino of sorts for a tidal wave of shift ahead; it is also the day after the tikkun of Tiferet of Tiferet has cleared, (middle pillar of the middle pillar/Tiferet/3 squared)
4/29 tiferet of netzach
5/6 tiferet of hod, with the next day 5/7 being the fulcrum point of the Omer, the 33rd day, from this period on the tide of 5/22 or “Tomorrowland” is the dominant current rather than the mourning of past paradigms
5/13 day 39 of the omer, tiferet of yesod (sexuality and the eternal seed)
5/18-20 new moon Pleiades, Sirius new crescent ~ tiferet of shekhinah

5/22 summation of the 49 days, the 50th day, Tomorrowland
5/22 is the fleshed out revelation of 4/4 and 4/11, it includes the lower strata of the apex of the revelation, it is also the parallel of Pentecost and the waterfall of the Holy Spirit, hence the flow of double numbers indicating movement and continuance 4/4 4/11 4/22 5/22
6/17-18 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, the beginning of the descent for the sake of ascent. No period of destruction in history has begun other than on this date. Note that it is the Fed June meeting. While rates are unlikely to rise at this date anxiety is likely to pick up ahead of the September meeting. This is what Tammuz represents, it is when Inanna descends to the underworld, these are the narrow straits out of which the eternal nature comes into view. The Messiah avatar is born among the ruins of the destruction on 9 Av. July 4th 17 Tammuz begins the three weeks. Aug 11-16 unprecedented shifting of gears in the heavens and Elul of the 7 year cycle begins 6 weeks ahead of the final blood moon that will be visible across America and in Europe and the Middle East.