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July 4 2015 – 17 Tammuz 5775 – Beginning of another mourning (labor) cycle towards the new earth

Sun: This is a solar return chart. The sun returns to 13 Cancer, where it was when the nation was established. Sirius has migrated from 10′ to 14′ Cancer. The US chart sun position is aligned with Sirius. The statue of liberty is symbolic of Isis/Sirius.

At the time of the nation’s founding, Jupiter and Venus were conjunct next to the sun and Sirius. In 2015, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct again, this time a sign later in Leo, very close to the king star Regulus.

Uranus, high and sometimes unstable or otherworldly energy, is conjunct the nation’s Chiron or wound, and its potential for catharsis.

The waning full moon at the nation’s founding was opposite (or: aligned with) Regulus, and will be again the evening of July 4th in 2015, in Aquarius. This year the full moon will also be aligned with Jupiter and Venus, which are close to Regulus, whereas Regulus stood alone 239 years ago.

The country’s connection with Isis and Sirius, and this year’s chart’s connection to the Venus-Jupiter-Regulus alignments which also featured prominently in 1776, are interesting to say the least.



The Three Venus-Jupiter conjunctions of late 2015: A second star of Bethlehem and a new salvation for the world?

In 2015 there are 3 Venus Jupiter conjunctions: 6/30, 8/4, 10/25. The one on 8/4 is closest to Regulus – within 2 degrees. Venus becomes morning star 8/15 – the exact day Jupiter hits Regulus.

7/1 1am Venus and Jupiter 1st conjunction at 21′ Leo
7/18 Venus at Regulus 1st time
7/25 Venus retrograde near Regulus
7/31 Venus conjunct Regulus 2nd time, Aquarius full moon
8/4 Jupiter and Venus conjunct for the 2nd time at 28 Leo very close to Regulus
8/11 Jupiter arrives at Regulus
8/15 Venus inferior conjunction (Venus transitions to morning star)
10/8 Venus arrives at Regulus for the third time and continues forward
10/25 3rd Venus Jupiter conjunction

Moon (5th day of the lunar month), Regulus (unmarked circle), Venus, Jupiter and the Lion, at the time of summer solstice:

regulus solstice

8/15 alignment: Venus – Sun inferior conjunction (Venus becomes morningstar), Jupiter arrives at Regulus, the Lion’s Heart. New moon of Elul, the last month of 5775.

jupiter reg

The meaning of Venus, Jupiter and Regulus according to the Magi:

With this in mind, let us recall from our first chapter that on morning of August 12, 3 B.C.E. (about an hour and twenty minutes before sunrise), Jupiter rose as a morning star in conjunction with Venus. How would astrologers or Magi have interpreted this union? Let us took at some of the generally accepted beliefs of astrologers who lived in the time of Augustus and Herod.

Jupiter was known astrologically as the Father of the Gods. The planet Jupiter symbolized this deity. And in early August 2 B.C.E. Jupiter had just left its vicinity near the Sun and conjoined with Venus. This could have been an indication of a coming birth. “Jupiter often was associated with the birth of kings and therefore called the King planet.” 5 And here was the King planet in conjunction with Venus. To the Chaldeans and the Magi, Venus was Ishtar, the Mother, the Goddess of Fertility. Thus Jupiter (the Father) was now in conjunction with Venus (the Mother). Could this have signified to astrologers that the birth of a new king was imminent?

This conjunction could have been a favorable sign because these two planets were known by astrologers as the Greater and the Lesser Good Fortunes of all the planets. And note this: while this conjunction was occurring, the Sun (the Supreme Father), the Moon (considered a Mother), and Mercury (the Messenger of the Gods) were located in the single constellation of Leo, the Lion. Christians called Jesus “the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David.” 6 These primary bodies clustering in Leo while Jupiter and Venus were now in close union may reflect biblical significance. Note Olcott’s remarks about the sign of Leo,

“The Lion was the symbol of the Tribe of Judah, and the constellation appears in the Hebrew zodiac. … The association of Leo with Judah arose from the fact that Leo was Judah’s natal sign. In the Bible there are frequent allusions to this connection between Leo and the tribe of Judah. Thus we read: ‘Judah is the Lion’s whelp,’ and again, ‘The Lion of the tribe of Judah.’”

The interesting astral relationships which occurred in the pre-dawn of August 12, 3 B.C.E. could well have signified to astrologers that some important royal event was soon to happen in the Jewish nation.

Source: The Real Star of Bethlehem

Global financial systems –

Summer solstice: Greece and Germany Agree the Euro Can’t Work
Jun 21, 2015 11:00 AM EDT

“They have agreed, it seems to me, on the impossibility of making this system work.”

It will be interesting to watch the global monetary system with Greece as the canary in the coalmine, from now thru the last blood moon and last Venus Jupiter conjunction. Moneychangers in the temple.. tables turned. A 1 world currency may follow but eventually we will live again as God’s children on earth – and as we know we already can thru alignment with the gestation…..

June 21-27: The Red Heifer, the Greatest Mysteries, and the Expression of the Highest Spectrum of Divine Light and Divine Flow in the world below in past and present generations

Some gems from the Chassidic texts on the new energy flowing in from the summer solstice:

Moses grasped the meaning of the red heifer because even though he was below in this world, as a soul inside a body, he was from the aspect of the wisdom of the realm of Atzilut, the highest of the four worlds, where everything is bound up intimately with G-d.

(Lubavitcher Rebbe, talk on Parshat Chukat 12 Tammuz 5729)

Every soul has an aspect of Moses, because he is one of the seven shepherds who are the source of life-force and divinity for all souls, and therefore they are called “shepherds”. (Tanya)

The soul of Moses was from the aspect of Atzilut, and so with the soul of Abraham, meaning that in Moses and Abraham the world of Atzilut shone in them in a way that expressed itself in the world below. Such that the world of Atzilut had an expression in the lower world. From the perspective of the light of Atzilut itself, there is no obstacle such that if Moses and Abraham were here today, the light of Atzilut would reveal itself again in them, only that in this generation (written in the 1780’s), there is no revelation of the light of Atzilut below. Now, the obstacle comes only from the side of the receiving end, but from the side of the light and the divine flow, there is no obstacle whatsoever that the highest light and divine flow be expressed today as well, only that it needs a vessel capable of holding this light, this flow.

(Likkutei Torah, Nitzavim, 49b)

Tammuz 5775: And so it begins


In Tammuz was the beginning of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, leading to 2000 years of exile and awaiting the return of God’s kingdom on earth, for Purpose to infuse creation.

In Tammuz will also begin the seeds of the collapse of the world as we know it. It may lead to even darker times ahead, but those who are watchmen and women on the walls know that these are labor pains of the new earth, of the greatest transition history has ever known. For such a time as this, you were chosen to be here.

 New Tammuz moon, Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky June 18, 2015 IMG_2040

June 19: “Bank Holiday” Preparations Begin In Greece, Lines Form At Athens ATMs

Shabbat June 19-20 Gimmel Tammuz

The Rebbe spoke these words at the close of an address he delivered on Thursday evening, April 11, 1991:

“How is it that the Redemption has not yet been attained? That despite all that has transpired and all that has been done, Moshiach has still not come?

“What more can I do? I have done all I can to bring the world to truly demand and clamor for the Redemption…. The only thing that remains for me to do is to give over the matter to you. Do all that is in your power to achieve this thing—a most sublime and transcendent light that needs to be brought down into our world with pragmatic tools….

“I have done all I can. I give it over to you. Do all that you can to bring the righteous redeemer, immediately!“I have done my part. From this point on, all is in your hands.”

The Zohar states that “When the tzaddik departs, he is to be found in all worlds, more than during his lifetime.” Now this needs to be understood. For, granted that he is to be found increasingly in the supernal worlds, because he ascends to there; but how is he found more in this world?

… As is known, the life of a tzaddik is not a physical life but a spiritual life, consisting wholly of faith, awe, and love of G-d… While the tzaddik was alive on earth, these three attributes were contained in their physical vessel and garment [ –the body] on the plane of physical space… his disciples received but a reflection of these attributes, a ray radiating beyond this vessel by means of his holy utterances and thoughts… But after his passing… whoever is close to him can receive a [far loftier dimension] of these three attributes, since they are no longer confined within a [material] vessel, nor bounded by physical space…

— Tanya, Iggeret HaKodesh 27; frequently quoted by the Rebbe in the months following the passing of his father-in-law and predecessor in 1950

Key aspects for internal shifts & world events: June – July – September 2015

Recent crop circle points to upcoming new moon, full moon and eclipse alignments

Image Source: Crop Circle Connector

We are entering an evolutioanry corridor with the new moon tonight/tomorrow, unprecedented territory in the trajectory unfolding since 2012!

Key aspects for internal shifts & world events: June – July – September 2015
Regulus – Lion’s Heart
All times US pacific

6/16 new moon
6/21 solstice
7/1 1am Venus and Jupiter 1st conjunction at 21′ Leo
7/1 7pm full moon Capricorn/Sagittarius sidereal

7/15 new moon, Mercury and Mars conjunct near new crescent
7/18 Venus at Regulus 1st time

7/25 Venus retrograde near Regulus
7/31 Venus conjunct Regulus 2nd time, Aquarius full moon
8/2 Saturn direct square Jupiter and Venus
8/4 Jupiter and Venus conjunct for the 2nd time at 28 Leo very close to Regulus

8/8/8 Mars enters Leo (tropical)
8/11 Jupiter arrives at Regulus
8/15 Venus inferior conjunction

9/6 Venus direct
9/25 Mars arrives at Regulus
9/28 final blood moon

10/8 Venus arrives at Regulus for the third time and continues forward
10/25 3rd Venus Jupiter conjunction