June 21-27: The Red Heifer, the Greatest Mysteries, and the Expression of the Highest Spectrum of Divine Light and Divine Flow in the world below in past and present generations

Some gems from the Chassidic texts on the new energy flowing in from the summer solstice:

Moses grasped the meaning of the red heifer because even though he was below in this world, as a soul inside a body, he was from the aspect of the wisdom of the realm of Atzilut, the highest of the four worlds, where everything is bound up intimately with G-d.

(Lubavitcher Rebbe, talk on Parshat Chukat 12 Tammuz 5729)

Every soul has an aspect of Moses, because he is one of the seven shepherds who are the source of life-force and divinity for all souls, and therefore they are called “shepherds”. (Tanya)

The soul of Moses was from the aspect of Atzilut, and so with the soul of Abraham, meaning that in Moses and Abraham the world of Atzilut shone in them in a way that expressed itself in the world below. Such that the world of Atzilut had an expression in the lower world. From the perspective of the light of Atzilut itself, there is no obstacle such that if Moses and Abraham were here today, the light of Atzilut would reveal itself again in them, only that in this generation (written in the 1780’s), there is no revelation of the light of Atzilut below. Now, the obstacle comes only from the side of the receiving end, but from the side of the light and the divine flow, there is no obstacle whatsoever that the highest light and divine flow be expressed today as well, only that it needs a vessel capable of holding this light, this flow.

(Likkutei Torah, Nitzavim, 49b)


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