July 4 2015 – 17 Tammuz 5775 – Beginning of another mourning (labor) cycle towards the new earth

Sun: This is a solar return chart. The sun returns to 13 Cancer, where it was when the nation was established. Sirius has migrated from 10′ to 14′ Cancer. The US chart sun position is aligned with Sirius. The statue of liberty is symbolic of Isis/Sirius.

At the time of the nation’s founding, Jupiter and Venus were conjunct next to the sun and Sirius. In 2015, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct again, this time a sign later in Leo, very close to the king star Regulus.

Uranus, high and sometimes unstable or otherworldly energy, is conjunct the nation’s Chiron or wound, and its potential for catharsis.

The waning full moon at the nation’s founding was opposite (or: aligned with) Regulus, and will be again the evening of July 4th in 2015, in Aquarius. This year the full moon will also be aligned with Jupiter and Venus, which are close to Regulus, whereas Regulus stood alone 239 years ago.

The country’s connection with Isis and Sirius, and this year’s chart’s connection to the Venus-Jupiter-Regulus alignments which also featured prominently in 1776, are interesting to say the least.



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