Av/Pluto: utter decimation & miraculous rebirth; the evolutionary leap that is our destiny

Av is the month that destruction hits – the kind of destruction that “ruined” your life to get you aware of your TIMELESS destiny – the destiny that will soon be humanity’s only chance for survival – Awareness, Self Knowing
Yes, Av is the month of destruction of that which needed to be torn down (like the decomposition of a seed) for a true edifice to take root –
This is why according to the sages, Av, which begins with the dark nights now seeking the crescent moon at Regulus …. The Annointed One … Av is also the month in which the ETERNAL 3rd TEMPLE OF THE HEART is erected, built of stumblings all of which had ONE, SINGULAR PUPROSE – the fortification of an eternal structure
BECAUSE the third Temple is one in the Heart, and BECAUSE its realm transcends time, Space and Matter, it is the deeper mystical truth that EVERY AV is a month in which we can lay the GROUNDWORK and FOUNDATION of the ETERNAL THIRD TEMPLE OF THE HEART –
Through the Perspective we will have FROM THERE, That all the downs were preparations for Ups
That the deepest part of our essence never left us, never left the world, that eternity intersects with time each moment, and that every moment has the potential to be a brick in our eternal structure, with the mind’s eye open, we are no longer in time and space – not only is this our true nature and our destiny – it is the portal to our survival and evolution into the essence of our being that will be what makes it through the sieve of the tribulations and travails of birth of the seed of the messianic era planted in humanity.
These travails and awakening of relatively free accord have already begun; but soon there won’t be a choice, we will all be squeezed to realize the vastness of what we are – maybe then we will be grateful for awakening and ascending all alone but with a vestige of free will, the only way one wants to enter the kingdom of heaven (which is why last rites are so encouraged, and making any gesture towards eternity while in the body before death..although life & death are but a metaphor for the timeless saga on which we are embarking.. the destined Era..
So on this new moon, lets make this earth and our mental space one which acknowledges the fact that this is all God’s home turf, and even the greatest evil is pathetic when stacked against the destiny that lies ahead for every soul of every inanimate and animate and sentient being, for all that is eternal and has made it through the sieve of time and space – if we connect to it now, in our experience of everyone and everything, we will have armor for that which is coming and may hasten it and tip the global frequency in the direction of a compassionate birthing process to begin..


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