End of July / Quarter Moon to full moon of Av

July 22 8:30pm sun transit into Leo (tropical)

July 23rd 5:30am quarter moon at Spica, the sheathe of wheat in Virgo’s hand, symbolizing the harvest


7/23 9pm quarter moon; sun at 0′ Leo square moon at 0′ Scorpio (zero degrees indicate a new stage in the mourning/transformation process building since 7/4 and 7/15)


7/24 Moon at Virgo’s feet, echoing the book of Revelation. evening of the 9th of Av at sunset. due to the sabbath this day exists in a liminal space between epochs and is both a day of mourning and transfiguration.


7/25 2:30am (late Friday night Tisha B’Av) VENUS RX AT REGULUS. On the night emblematic of destruction and the birth of the Messiah from amidst the rubble of despair, the Star of Bethlehem component, Venus, begins tonight to travel backwards through the sky back over Regulus, the Annointed One. In 2 BC some saw this movement of Jupiter as a coronation. In 2015, the movement of Venus back over Regulus may indicate a movement of the heavens to complement and resurrect the remainder of the prophecy of the Messiah and Messianic Era, which involves both destruction of old structures and establishment of a foundation of faith, certainty and a beacon to the future in the Heart.

7/26 2:30am, late Saturday night, Tisha B’Av (pushed to Saturday night – Sunday night due to the Sabbath. the book of Lamentations is chanted on the floor around candles after a light meal of eggs and lentils and ashes before the fast. all pain and brokenness in our lives are fragments of the destruction of the Temple and the prayer for God again to dwell permanently in our hearts.)
2:30am, Moon conjunct Saturn in the Scorpion’s claws. A highly potent and volatile aspect


7/29 Moon conjunct Pluto at 13′ Capricorn


7/31 3:29am Full Moon; Sun at 7 Leo aligns with Illuminated Moon at 7 Aquarius; second full moon in July. The full moon of Aquarius is a potent time for the wave of the Age of Aquarius, which is the Messianic Era, to pour forth a new stage into the progression that occurs through the year’s aspect. The full moon of Aquarius is the fullness of the new horizons stretched open after the fall of 9 Av. The full moon of Aquarius is known to be one of the most sacred days of the year and the day of the ‘Wedding’ and great consolation. A window into the promise of the future, even in the spiral into troublesome times in the wake of unbroken ground.



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