The Mother Returns, the bird can take flight once embraced: the season of consolation and repentance(Return) upon us…gifts from Tisha bav 5775

Dusk 7/26 (motzei tisha bav) was the first day of the Mayan calendar and some say a new 26,000 year cycle. I would extend that window to the full moon this Thursday night which is a blue moon and it also happens to be the day Venus returns to “crown” Regulus.

In 2 bc, it was Jupiter that returned to crown Regulus. Now we have almost the same choreography over the next 3 months, this time involving Venus.

The 3 weeks of mourning out of which we are emerging is like a storm that brings up all the dregs of the year, the underbelly, the Plutonian shadow, shakes the rug out revealing all the dust and muck, and then, out of the dregs the finest wine is pressed, beginning with the light of the full moon of tu b”av which is the highest full moon of the year, an even greater revelation than the full moons of Nissan and Tishrei, since it follows the descent of 9 av, and especially this year since the moons of Nissan and Tishrei are tinged with the red of judgment, and this year tu b”av is a blue moon and coincides with Venus double crowning of Regulus, just before Venus becomes morning star, the first sign of light in the dark, at the next new moon on 8/15, coinciding with Jupiter’s arrival at Regulus ~ all signs of the culmination of one era and birth of the next which manifests on planes both inner & outer, the starting whistle may have just been blown

This year Tu B’Av or Av 15 is a blue moon. It is also when Venus traces its tracks back in the heavens over Regulus, the star of the Annointed Chosen One. In 2 BC, Jupiter went back and forth over Regulus, and the magi saw this as a “crowning”. It is a good thing for those who watch that the outward ripples of a manifest shift of the ages may now come to pass in the season of consolation (end of Av) and repentance/return (Elul). Any more time we have to repent and hear God’s voice now is a great merit & blessing.

We may have transmuted the energy of a potentially cataclysmic ninth of Av. If the events have been delayed to the season of consolation and repentance, it is a very good thing.

On Tisha B”Av we received a message:

July 25th – Tisha B”Av (A Great Festival in the Future Era..the Future is Now with Understanding)
The return of Kukulcan
Ahuramasda (light/wisdom)
Pheonix rising
Out of the depths…a new hue of forgiveness will bless the earth
The wings of Venus/the Mother will embrace the world once again..Venus crowns Regulus on the full moon of Tu B”Av..the Mother returns to console the abandoned .. This time he awaits the Mother’s love, not just the Father’s…

(7/25 Venus and Uranus “return”)



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