MH370, Ascension, Jericho and the star of Bethlehem

MH370 spells ELOHM or “the gods” the creators of our species of whom we resemble and have a link back to & destiny to become

The return of ELOHM is thus a story giving our subtle being clues at the singposts in this journey

The star of Bethlehem is also a sign in this journey. It marked the arrival of an avatar in human form and heralds the return of the avatar which is part of the collective human psyche and potential

The fallen lion’s brother/successor is named Jericho. One interpretation of the Jericho story is about ascension at the seventh trumpet:

The Sudden Destruction of Jericho took place on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread. The Israelites began to take possession of their Promised Land on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread, when the walls of Jericho fell and every man ASCENDED UP at the sound of the last trumpet.
source: five doves

Perhaps these are all clues for those with ears to hear


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  1. Dear Kabalista, what is your interpretation of this week’s astronomical line ups?

    • 8/6 in the evening begins some meaningful aspects followed by mercury-jupiter, mercury-regulus, and the heliacal rising of sirius 8/7-8/8

      • Thank you, with the positioning of regulas, does it portend an ushering in of a new king or return of the messiah?

      • Yes it portends the second coming which is primarily the rising of an avatar inside human consciousness. We are empowered during this time, despite formidable challenges and with their help, to reveal a part of us that is supernatural, connected to God at our root.

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