The Regulus alignments of August – October 2015

The Regulus alignments in the second half of 2015 along with the blood moons are signs of the second coming which is primarily the rising of an avatar inside human consciousness. We are empowered during this time, despite formidable challenges and with their help, to reveal a part of us that is supernatural, connected to God at our root.

This is the heart of the teaching that those who acted upon the messianic impulse sought to share despite the formidable challenges of every era.

It is no mistake that the closest alignment of venus and jupiter to regulus is accompanied by a square to saturn newly direct in scorpio

The advantage of enduring Saturn stationary/direct in Scorpio square the star of Bethlehem (the “betrayal of Judas”) is that after Rising from it one has become one with that which is eternal and part of the the fire of destruction/initiation itself

After entombment, rebirth – Michael Lutin

‘Fantastic 4’ trailer:


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  1. On Thursday night 8/6 the moon will be at its third quarter phase in Taurus as it travels as a dark moon through the most potent region of the heavens – Orion’s belt, Pleiades, Aldebaran and Sirius.

    As the clock strikes midnight on 8/6 – 8/7 the Regulus gate opens ajar. Mercury the ‘Messenger’ arrives at Regulus.

    On 8/8 which is also 888 Sirius rises visibly ahead of the sun opening a new phase of the year this year with an additional dimension of messianic charge as has been messaged to us in crop circles and alignments. The pheonix is preparing to rise and this is one of her most potent wingspreads.

    The following Tuesday sets the stage for the new moon with Jupiter arriving at the royal star Regulus. The new moon takes place Friday on the degree of the first stat of Bethlehem and marks the opening of the final month of the biblical year 5775 known as Elul. During this month the largest amount of planets are in the constellation of the Lion and Venus rises as morning star. Saturn completes its Scorpio transit and the stage is set for the eclipse of 5776 and final blood moon.

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