New moon Elul, the Heart of the Lion, the Doe of the Dawn, and the Roll Call


New moon Leo 21’31” Leo. Within ten degrees of Jupiter at the Lion’s Heart. Within 2 degrees of Mother Venus retrograde returning from the Lion’s Heart. These four heavenly bodies convene in the Lion for the new moon of Elul, the last before the solar eclipse on the next new moon and total lunar eclipse on the following full moon.

Although Elul is normally associated with the Virgin, due to precession this new moon is a convocation of the planets moving through the constellation of the Lion. Elul is a return to essence; the Lion is stepping fearlessly into our power because we know it is actually who we are. The repentance necessary is one that allows the fullness of who we are into the remaining crevices thus fulfilling the prophecy of bringing life into dead bones.

Just after the new moon, Venus becomes a black sun and prepares for her arrival on the eastern horizon before the sun, representing the first flash of light in the darkness. This phenomenon is alluded to in Psalm 22, which David assigns to the Doe of the Dawn, a name of the first star to appear before day breaks. This is also an allusion for the harbinger of the redemption, the light that although darkness continues to reign assures those watching and waiting that a new day is on the way, and even makes them capable of enjoying the night and the contrast it provides to illuminate the Star of the morning, before the sunlight engulfs her in its indiscriminate bath of light.

According to the calendar set by Hillel, 1 Elul is Saturday night, although the true method of determining the new lunation is a combination of our own stargazing, seeking out the new crescent in the heart of the Lion, along with inner stargazing, seeking out the sliver of light branded upon the Heart’s mantle, a convocation of Her light into reality.

Soon after the lunation 8/17 provides another 8/8/8 gateway and in the evening marks the anniversary of the passing of the sage Abraham Isaac Kook whose spirit holds the potential for drawing down new light from the wellsprings of heaven to assist the current transformation. His festival lasts through the night of 8/18. 8188

By next weekend, at the quarter moon, Venus emerges from behind the sun to be visible at sunrise. This marks a new era in the Venus cycle, one that we have not seen since dawn broke in January 2014, before the blood moons began. Now we have Venus rising as morning star as the planets congregate around the royal star Regulus on the final slope before the 4th blood moon of the tetrad. This period of Venus morning star is a green light for those with esoteric knowledge to go forth on those plans that usher in a new age; all avatars are summoned.

8-8-8 crop circle

                             8-8-8 crop circle


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