Jupiter appears in the morning sky the day of the new crescent and solar eclipse of 5776

Final two stages of the star of Bethlehem alignment:
* Jupiter heliacal rising 9/12 (Eve of Trumpets 5776)
* Final Jupiter Venus conjunction in predawn sky, 10/26/15

On the eve of the feast of trumpets, for the first time, together with the crescent moon, Jupiter will appear in the predawn sky together with brightening Venus, fulfilling an important component of the star of Bethlehem alignment when both Jupiter and Venus appear as morning stars in the constellation of the Lion.

September 12 – Heliacal rise** of Jupiter. At dawn, you may also see the almost-invisible waning crescent Moon below Jupiter, but you’ll need binoculars. http://farmersalmanac.com/astronomy/2015/08/23/stargazers-guide-to-september-2015/


Then, one lunar cycle after the blood moon of September..

The final Venus Jupiter conjunction in the predawn sky in the constellation Leo takes place just prior to the first full moon to follow the September blood moon, during Venus’ greatest elongation and the closest grouping of Venus, Jupiter and Mars


The October 26th 2015 conjunction between Venus and Jupiter takes place on the same day as Venus’ greatest Western elongation – in other words, about as far from the Sun as these two planets can appear at conjunction. For Northern hemisphere observers, the fact that the 2015-16 morning apparition is the best of the five morning apparitions in Venus’ 8-year cycle means that this conjunction is also the most ideally-placed for them.

Source: http://m.nakedeyeplanets.com/venus.htm

The worlds of Venus and Jupiter are heading for their third and final conjunction of the year in the morning sky on October 26, 2015.

By a wonderful coincidence, as Venus and Jupiter showcase their final conjunction of the year – on October 26 – Venus will reach its greatest eastern (morning) elongation from the sun.

Moreover, the year’s closest grouping of three planets – Venus, Mars and Jupiter – will also take place on October 26. That’s a big deal because the next planetary trio won’t occur again until January, 2021!

Source: http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury#jupiter


Venus and Jupiter in predawn sky  ~ The Second Coming of the Soul

“Is it not written, ‘In the beginning was void and chaos?’ Yet, did not God exist before the beginning? If order and light came into being, surely these are of God. As for the void and chaos, these are the primordial ground from which God has created; and the one creating is the demiurge. For in truth, what God creates is emanation, and the emanations of God create. Therefore, Yahweh emanated and Elohim created. There is no beginning to this, nor is there an end. Consider this when you meditate on the End-Of-Days.”

“Did God give birth to creation without a womb? No, indeed! For creation is in God’s womb, and until it is complete it shall not emerge.”
A disciple asked Mary, “When will the Second Coming occur?” Mary said, “It can happen at any time, anywhere, when you least expect it. It is the mystery of the Perfect Aeon known only to the Living Father, which he will reveal in the Mother in due season. Therefore, be ready and live without regrets, so that when it transpires you will be among the living.”
“Who has ever heard of a pregnant mother unwilling to give birth in her time? You also be willing to give birth to your soul when called out of the body. For you body is the Virgin Mother giving birth to your soul in the Eternal Abode.”

Source: http://www.sophian.org/secret_gospel_of_mary.html


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