Waning full moon to last quarter moon / 17-25 Elul / 1-9 September – A Calendar Starmap

Lunar transits

Overnight 9/1-9/2 / evening in Asia 9/2
Moon at Mirach (0’34” Taurus) – in the girdle of the chained woman
also – the Band, Cord, Ribbon, or Thread, as being on the line uniting the Fishes


9/2 Morning US time
Moon at Caph (seat) of Cassipoeia (5’17” Taurus), the constellation associated with the Hebrew letter Beth and the 2nd Tarot Trump “The High Priestess.”



Afternoon 9/2 / sunrise in Asia 9/3
Moon at Hamal – Ram’s forhead (7’50” Taurus)
Year of the Ram / Sheep / Goat **
Aries represents the Ram with the golden fleece
Hamal – According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Saturn; and, to Alvidas, of Venus and Saturn. It causes violence brutishness, cruelty and premeditated crime. (Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923)


Overnight 9/2-9/3
Moon at Almach (14’24” Taurus) – Andromeda’s heel – one of the most beautiful heavenly objects**
Andromeda, the original “maiden in distress”, sacrificed by her father to the sea monster, chained to a rock and left to the mercy of the monster. Perseus breaks the chains that bound Andromeda to the rock and frees her. The wedding follows.
Associated with the Hebrew letter Pey and the 17th Tarot Trump, The Stars
Almach is a double star. It has a yellowish-reddish companion which is supposed to have a Martian character. Both stars are moving around a center point. This is supposed to bring about the change in preponderance of the Venus and Mars character alternatively. (Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin)


Night of 9/3
Moon at Algol the “demon star” (severed head of the Medusa); 26’20” Taurus
Perseus kills the sea monster Cetus by turning it to stone with the Medusa’s Head (Algol). Perseus breaks the chains that bound Andromeda to the rock and frees her. The wedding follows.



**Friday 9/4 at dawn – Moon arrives at Pleiades**
Moon aligned with Saturn (29′ Scorpio)


(times are pdt unless indicated otherwise)

Starmaps created with the help of Constellations of Words StarLore


Overnight Friday – Saturday 9/4-9/5 (Sabbath “Ki Tavo” – ‘When You Enter’)
Final Quarter Moon at Aldebaran, Pineal Gland of the Sky, Bull’s Eye. Archangel Michael




9/12-13 midnight, Sun and moon at Virgo’s head and maximum partial solar eclipse (20′ Virgo)

Eclipse viewable in southern Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica





Part 2: Hebrew Calendar Dates

17-25 Elul

9/1 17 Elul – Noah Dispatches dove (2105 BCE)

9/2 (“Chai” Elul- pre-Feast of Trumpets Influx) 18 Elul – Death of Maharal (1609)
18 Elul – Birth of Baal Shem Tov (1698)
18 Elul – Birth of Baal HaTanya (1745)

Labor Day 9/7 23 Elul – Dove brings olive Leaf to Noah (2105 BCE)
23 Elul – Death of Aleksander Rebbe, Yitzchak Menachem Danziger, in Treblinka (1942)

9/8 24 Elul – Death of Chafetz Chaim (1933)

****9/9 25 Elul – The 1st day of Creation (3761 BCE)****

Shana tova~A sweet new year


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