CERN, black holes, the age of pisces (9) and the age of aquarius (11), at-one-ment and the double doors

Tomorrow there is a grand cross a lot like the one on January 5th 2015. The one in January had the north node in the 4th coordinate. Now the node – which defines the eclipses – has slipped back through the constellation of Virgo and in its Januaty degree is Mercury/Thoth/Hermes, bestower of occult knowledge (the kind that liberates one from the system and thus creates a pathway for others as well). In January something was signaled about our destiny and the eclipses, now the eclipse window is about to close and the knowledge dangles again from the tree this time to be plucked knowing everything we have learned – the rectified at-one-ment.


Some say 2 doors are opening 9/23: IX and XI – 9 and 11. 11 is the illumination of being like God, godlike, the portal of da’at – which in the age of pisces is limited to the experience of death and the awaited Messiah and in aquarius is the entry point. At the juncture of the ages, 9 is the urgency of being trapped in the black hole of an anachronistic system out of which even light cannot escape.

‘Its time to wake up now Brian’


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