Rosh Hashana: the Unknowable Head of the Year and the new astrological players 9/15-9/17

We are in a liminal space / holding pattern for the days just after the eclipse and before the crescent appears at Spica Tuesday night.

While some celebrate, the tone of Rosh Hashana is actually a very grave one, with the righteous using the 48 hours to not utter a word as they know they are in the “unknowable head” of the year.

Everything is being wired for the coming cycle-wired and rewired. On such subconscious, subtle levels, that the prescriptive stance is none other than- faith. Faith in the process, faith in the moment as it is, faith in the unflinching bond, faith in love beyond reason.

On Wednesday we face major astrological picotal changes. Mercury begins its retrograde cycle, sort of like puttting a car into high gear as it nears a hill. The mental cycle ceases its linear dominance and other forces are more clearly heard and concretized.

One of these forces is the Jupiter – Neptune alignment, a major opposition of slow-moving planetary giants. In the sidereal zodiac these planets are stationed close to the royal stars of Regulus and Fomalhaut in the constellations of the lion and the bull. It is as if under the cover of night, while the sun was eclipsed, the major players found their stationed and are positioned for an ancient activation. A vault is dusted off and the forces of deep intuition that led to prophets’ visions of old with boldness and courage of martyrs of truth and righteousness have collided and the result is a fusion hitherto unknown in this eclipse cycle. The moment approaches when the water bearer’s flow of living wisdom emanates from the lion’s heart – and just in the nick of time, for the cosmic forces currently at play, verging on chaos/birth / collapse/resurrection.

In the same momentous time frame of Wednesday-Thursday, the first days of the true new year, Saturn the stern gatekeeper of our reality EXITS the tropical sign of Scorpio for good. It has teetered over this territory for three years, an extraordinary amount of time for this planet’s cycle. It has gutted out the carcass of that which is dying in us and in this world time and time and time again ruthlessly, mercilessly and methodically, knowing that this is its last go. The dead bones lay on the ground with no hope from any force in this world – which is why the pheonix rises with the power of that which is Eternal and thus manifests the light of the world to come, a hue that will sharpen now through February, when the new moon appears again in Aquarius.

Tuesday night, crescent on the western horizon at Spica, the harvest. Wednesday and Thursday, Mercury rx, Saturn leaves Scorpio, Neptune and Jupiter align, and the world is governed by shifting gears. The fed meeting may yield an economic that stems a global financial decline, or it may kick the can and leave the world hanging until Channukah. However it plays out, the destiny of the world is being written NOW in the unknowable head. It hangs in suspension until Yom Kippur, is delivered the week after the blood moon, with room for extraordinary wildcards until Channukah and fruition at the blossoming of the trees.

May we all be inscribed in the book of LIFE, the book of truth, the book of the true life that is about to resurrect in us and in the world after being sealed up in vaults whose dust is now rising. And those who are used to having the clampers on are scurrying, because this force is unstoppable.

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