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June 25: Energy update: The Seventeenth of Tammuz


The full moon is behind us, and has left the door ajar somewhere in our charts. The yearly transit of the sun through the ecliptic of the constellations (from earth’s point of view) has many potential starting points. The astrological starting point is 0 Aries, where the Spring Equinox occurred during the age of Aries. This is also the biblical new year, and the point at which nature is reborn. Complementary to the cyclical natural cycle is a linear trajectory that takes our world through the precession of the equinoxes through the different ages of history into the mind of G-d. The origin of this trajectory is creation and its pinnacle is the messianic era. Each year there is a messianic cycle which parallels the natural cycle and brings in new energy to the world and into consciousness in preparation for the messianic era. This cycle begins tonight, on the seventeenth of Tammuz. Traditionally this is the day of conception of King David’s grandfather through the union of the twin flames, Ruth and Boaz. In order to keep this union secret from the external forces, this day evolved in Jewish history as a day on which the destruction of Jerusalem commenced, so that no one would look here for the initiation of redemption and thus be able to stop it. As we approach the messianic era and age of Aquarius, this day is in process of transformation from a day of mourning to a day of celebration.


June 19-23: Jupiter/Sun alignment, Summer Solstice, June Supermoon: A 2013 Watershed Moment


Earlier today we experienced a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter across from the galactic center. On Thursday night the sun enters Cancer, marking the solstice and the longest day and proximity to the Sun. On Sunday, we will have a supermoon in Capricorn.

The alignment, solstice and full moon are shaping up to be a watershed moment for what has been building since the winter solstice and what remains to be brought to light.

To learn how the alignments affect your personal soul trajectory, find where the degrees 28 Gemini and 3 Capricorn appear in your own chart, or ask me for a reading or to get you started.

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June 12: Numerology of today’s date


Numerology of today’s date: 6 (doubled is) 12 (plus one is) 13

This world is a blueprint for a spiritual order. When we can draw down the Alef into the world, through Torah study, prayer, or expanded consciousness, we can inhabit this world as it truly is, which is an ongoing singular dialogue between the G-dly point within us and G-d the totality of all there is.

In Torah study we accomplish this by connecting to the world of Beriyah, a gateway between the physical world and the world of Oneness. In Torah study the faculties of the heart, mind and soul (and body, through physical observance) are utilized and uplifted in the striving for Ayin, or that which lies beyond separation.

In prayer, we are reminded that there is always a rope into the experience of separation that guides the way from our present situation to the higher awareness we are to gain from working through it. This is also the gateway to miracles which draw down the infinite light into the natural order through the same pathways of creation, the Exodus and the future redemption.

In expanded consciousness, acquired through meditation, alone-ment (making oneself alone with God), or given as a gift of grace, the present plane of existence, Asiyah, merges with the highest plane of existence, Atzilut, as the Yiddish phrase teaches: Atzilus iz oych do – Atzilus is here too. From the perspective of Ein Sof, there is no difference between the higher realms and this realm; they are all refractions of light. When our awareness is expanded, we see the light instead of the shadow in every situation, and we are both liberated from time and space and empowered to reveal the infinite nature of time and space.

613 is the number of mitzvot in the Torah. The mitzvot (biblical commandments) are a system to merge the worlds of Asiyah and Atzilut. Only through the physical engagement with the world can we draw the light into the furthest of places. When the realms collapse, the mitzvot are no longer necessary, and this is the relationship between Mashiach, Judaism and Christianity. In some views, the mitzvot become an optional system to “play” with the divine energies contained in the physical world, and to continue to extract delight from the merging of physical and spiritual. When physical and spiritual are truly one continuum, all of a person’s actions become mitzvot.

What’s the sum of four t-squares? In this case, a grand air trine…


Wow! Are you feeling it? We have FOUR T-Squares in the sky right now between powerful planets!! The rules are just not working…unless you are the one making them. It may be wise to speak your needs briefly & skidaddle! Some are not ready for the innocence of new wisdom emerging from UNexpected places. There is a great synthesis occurring in the global mind and much insight is flowing to individual consciousness to facilitate liberation from what has bound us. TRUST is the name of the game, and the rewards are grand!

T-Square #1: Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries, Sun in Libra
#2: Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio
#3: Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio
#4: Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Libra
Grand Air Trine: Moon in Aquarius conjunct MC on the West Coast chart, Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Libra

July 19th morning forecast

There is a lot of good energy in the skies today in the areas of creativity, inter-personal relationships and learning new ideas. The drive to connect socially may be hampered by deep transformations taking place that leave the ego undefined. Spontaneous energy is best directed to personal creative endeavors rather than outwards in social situations. While large social situations are difficult today, one-on-one connections are blessed by your guardian angel overlooking communication and you will easily find favor with others in intimate situations. These one-on-one connections will work well with your own process of personal transformation, and feeling at home in your own process is good place to anchor the high energies today and this week.