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July 11-12: 5 Av – the Yartzeit of the Arizal – a break in mourning, like the dawn’s light


Thursday night is 5 Av, the yartzeit of the Arizal, the Mashiach of his generation. The Arizal had thoughts of Kabbalah that were so fast he could not lecture like the other Tzfat Kabbalists. The world of speech was simply too coarse for the subtlety of prophecy he experienced ever since taking walks by the Nile as a spice salesman in Egypt as a young man. Two years before his death he found Hayim Vital, the student to whom he imparted his entire worldview and understanding of the upper worlds. Hayim Vital devoted his life to writing up all he had learned which he remembered flawlessly after drinking from the well of Miriam in the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee, when the two went out in a boat after they first met. Thanks to Vital we have all of the Ari’s teachings in writing, which are now translated in English and many of which are available online for no charge. These writings lend a glimpse into the secrets of reincarnation from Adam to the present day. It is said the Arizal could tell the root of a person’s soul by looking at him. The physical existence of the Arizal, like all tzaddikim, was a metaphor for the true reality in the upper worlds. The clothes he wore, the way he ate, his hand movements all contained deep secrets. It is this energy that is available on Thursday night/Friday to all who wish to connect and return to the true light of their soul through the encounter with the pure light of a tzaddik, and receieve illumination and guidance from his great love for all souls. Short of visiting his grave in Tsfat at which there will be a great celebration, one can light a candle for the ascent of his soul, write a letter to him requesting his advice or guidance, and have a meal with friends in his honor. It’s never too late to get to know a tzaddik whose whole existence is for the sake of those to whom he can be of help!!

Thursday night – 5 Av – is a break in the three-week mourning period leading up to the ninth of Av when the temples were destroyed. Once the Arizal announced to his students that Mashiach had arrived and that they should pack their bags to Jerusalem. It was Friday afternoon, and the Sabbath was approaching. The pious students pointed out to their master that there was not enough time before the Sabbath to complete the journey to Jerusalem. The Arizal later taught that the window of opportunity for redemption had then closed, but has the students trusted their teacher, they would have arrived in time for Shabbat, with mashiach.

5 Av, the break in mourning, reminds us that mashiach comes from where we least expect it, and even the darkest hour of mourning is not void of Hashem G-d forbid, and it is precisely finding the ray of light, the Keren Or, in those moments that collects the individual rays that form the Beacon of Light that will shine forth like the dawn all at once when the time has arrived, which can happen at any moment, even minutes before the Sabbath (a metaphor for where our energies are focused).


July 7-Aug 17: The Kabbalistic month of Av and the Eternal Temple of the Heart


Sometimes something needs to be torn down and destroyed in order for a more solid structure to be erected in its place.

This is the secret of why the first and second temples were destroyed in the month of Av (Leo), and why the eternal third temple, constructed first and foremost inside the heart, will be erected in this month precisely.

The advantage of the third temple in relation to the first and second is akin to the relationship between the righteous and the penitent, of those who never fall to those who fell, and rose again, and who incorporate all stumbling into their new stature.

This is the secret of the eternal nature of the third temple – it cannot be destroyed, because it has already incorporated destruction into growth, and draws its life-force directly from the divine crown itself, and is eternally created anew.

For more on the three weeks of mourning that are destined to transform into three weeks of celebration, see here.

June 25: Energy update: The Seventeenth of Tammuz


The full moon is behind us, and has left the door ajar somewhere in our charts. The yearly transit of the sun through the ecliptic of the constellations (from earth’s point of view) has many potential starting points. The astrological starting point is 0 Aries, where the Spring Equinox occurred during the age of Aries. This is also the biblical new year, and the point at which nature is reborn. Complementary to the cyclical natural cycle is a linear trajectory that takes our world through the precession of the equinoxes through the different ages of history into the mind of G-d. The origin of this trajectory is creation and its pinnacle is the messianic era. Each year there is a messianic cycle which parallels the natural cycle and brings in new energy to the world and into consciousness in preparation for the messianic era. This cycle begins tonight, on the seventeenth of Tammuz. Traditionally this is the day of conception of King David’s grandfather through the union of the twin flames, Ruth and Boaz. In order to keep this union secret from the external forces, this day evolved in Jewish history as a day on which the destruction of Jerusalem commenced, so that no one would look here for the initiation of redemption and thus be able to stop it. As we approach the messianic era and age of Aquarius, this day is in process of transformation from a day of mourning to a day of celebration.

Saturn and the Hidden Light of the Moon

Saturn teaches us the ultimate message hidden in the duality illusion of creation: that which appears to us as obstacle is none but super-condensed light, which when approached in a detached manner, holds the secret doorway to our true evolution. Saturn and its transits can thus catapult us to entirely new levels in our journey, so long as we leave behind the blueprints we came with and ride the waves of what seem initially to be disappointments, setbacks or insurmountable obstacles. 

Where Saturn’s new position in Scorpio falls in your chart can shed light on what area it may be necessary to withdraw and take an eagle’s eye view, as the universe may be cloaking a new path in guises that our lower selves perceives as discomfort. This discomfort however serves to erode the parts of ourselves that are unnecessary in the stretches that life ahead. Saturn is the ultimate planner and architect, he cuts no corners, and takes his time sculpting the being that we are becoming. 

The key to coping with a Saturn transit is to connect with the divine feminine within, the source of endless compassion, i.e. to cut yourself some major slack. This is hidden in the zodiacal opposition between Capricorn and Cancer, Saturn and the moon. In Kabbalah, we learn that God himself, in all his glory and perfection, makes a sin-offering every month to express his regret and pain so to speak at the primordial decision the diminish the moon in relation to the sun, to create darkness or the illusion thereof along with light. When we discern the light in the darkness, we make amends for God and restore the original impulse and ultimate truth behind all creation and all perceived smallness, which is that there is no place devoid of God. Thus the planets that give us the gift of hide-and-seek lead us into the deepest stores of light, those which were hidden for our souls alone underneath all the layers that hold back even the most esteemed souls.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about the Saturn transit and your chart.


~ Ayala

Yom Kippur practices for all

On Yom Kippur it is customary to fast from sunset on the 25th through nightfall on the 26th. Unlike other fasts, on Yom Kippur we fast because we are like the angels.

I would also recommend reading the ten psalms:

10 Psalms recited every day which assures that one’s soul will find one’s true destined pathway without being interfered with or side-tracked by other people, the negative influences of klipot.

The essence of Tikkun Klali is that one is looking for one’s true destined pathway, asking for guidance to be in the right place with the right destined soul mate, livelihood and true purpose in life.

Of course what matters is what’s on the inside but these practices help open up the gateway available on this day insofar as we are enmeshed in physicality and distracted.

Astrologically the 26th this year is a powerful chart, there’s a grand air trine between Mercury, Jupiter and the moon, which could facilitate prophecy, messages from guides, and intuitiveness as well as mental powers. In terms of current events there is also a Pluto in Cap – Sun in Libra – Uranus in Aries t-square which feels explosive and unstable to me. Secretive power plays, pretensions of justice, and hasty action for a brief window on this day…

To all fasting have an easy fast and may you all be inscribed in the book of life!

On this day we are cleansed of all iniquity and at the exit of the holiday we begin again pure.


New crescent moon sighting in Jerusalem


The new crescent moon as seen from Jerusalem on Monday evening heralds the onset of the new Kabbalistic Year 5773, the Year of Great Delight (ע״ג) and a re-entrance to the Garden of Eden (ג״ע).

The new moon chart for Monday night is actually much friendlier than the one for Sunday night. While Sunday night was the astrological dark moon, when no moon is apparent in the night sky, Monday night is the first crescent moon and is the astrological marker for the new month and new year in the Kabbalistic calendar.

The new moon is now in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini, fostering more channels between mind and heart and a certain comfort in living from the heart and letting the heart lead the mind rather than stand at odds with it. The moon is also in harmony with Chiron and deep healing is taking place in those area where we may feel we had no strength or creativity of our own to heal, we are simply being served opportunities and scenarios by the universe that do much of the healing for us. All we need to do is hold on and trust that the divine is right by our side, that we are never alone, and moreover, that we are the ones were been waiting for, that the real site of certainty, wholeness, health and connection is lying patiently within for us to gently turn to and get to know.

The moon is paying a visit to Saturn in Libra before Saturn continues on to Scorpio on October 6th. This will be a shift for many, especially those experiencing their first or second Saturn returns or with planets or rising signs in Scorpio. On a societal level, Saturn in Scorpio will begin to download ancient secrets in an esteemed and respectable manner and the world will begin to turn an ear to that which has been dismissible. It is for this reason that the moon is stopping by and delivering some intuitive magic to the authority of secrets so that the transmission be authentic and honorable at the same time. We truly live in historic times and the stars are conspiring to awaken us on an individual and collective level. Those who identify as lightbearers need only keep in mind that they are never truly alone, and the more obstacles they encounter on their invaluable path, the more stores of light open up in their internal switchboard and the more the sense of wonder will be in days to come.

May all have a sweet new year, and may you witness the glorious light within you!



New moon Virgo and Rosh Hashanah


The new moon in Virgo on Saturday night bathes us in the light of the unblemished divinity within us once more before we enter the chamber of Libra. We are given the gift of understanding that everything emanates from the point of singularity, and then we are asked to create a more perfect world beginning with ourselves.

The new moon will be squaring Jupiter in Gemini and the mind may have to surrender again to the mesmerizing wisdom of the heart. Ultimately the heart will lead the brave journey of constructing the bridge to connect the rational and supra-rational realms, a grand project taking place within us to heal the millennia-old tear between the parts of the divine mind that lie in exile. The chaos we may sense within and outside are ultimately part of the process of reconnecting parts of ourselves and of God that were sawed apart when we were banished from Eden. The reality we feel when we encounter puzzle pieces that do not fit together both in ourselves and in the world is a result of the fact that we are still becoming acquainted with the glue that can mend the pieces together. This magical mechanism that binds together that which seems to our senses as disparate will reveal itself when we come to a situation is a position of humility, the essence of prayer. Nothing in us need be subdued when we stand before God, we must take in only the vastness of that which we are standing before and truly give that which we stand before the benefit of no limits, the benefit of the unknown, of surprise, of complete upheaval for the sake of complete resolution, of complete trust, only because we are turning to the Creator of trust. There are basic truths we can cultivate throughout the process to guide us even when the thread guiding us disappears momentarily:

We are loved
We are being guided
We are sought out by the greatest force in the universe
We are part of something as we are
We are at our essence God
God desires our innermost essence incessantly and desperately
New levels of love is the glue between that which appears disparate

When we believe in the beauty of this universe and all it has yet to reveal us, we stand in awe and thereby create the grid for all there is to be shown. As it says in the Talmud: “If only…a person could pray all day long.” When our basic orientation towards life is one of prayer, of total openness to the miraculous, of humble stepping into the moment and all that it may become, when we find the seat of our soul that knows the wondrous Father and Mother with us in every moment and seeks to build our lives with them, with both love of their deep intimacy with us and awe of how they lie beyond our grasp, if only to allow even more of their gifts to pour down, we step into the new age in which we are co-creators, not from our own egos but from our innate membership to the Creative Force, where our identities aren’t lost but found in the original, unitary and endlessly multifaceted and intricate and Whole being of which we are all part.

The new Kabbalistic year of 5773 begins on Sunday night. The numerology of the year teaches:

תהא שנת גן עדן

May this be a Year when we re-enter the Garden of Eden.

With all the changes occurring in the world, we are deeply in need of a path that can lift us up individually and collectively to a state above the good and evil that pervades. This is the path of the true mystic, of she who sees the true source and spark of divinity in everything, through the divine Mother that speaks within. Once we redeem the non-otherness of that which we witness, all that has become convoluted through our perception and the refracted light of this realm realigns, because the deepest desire of all that has been set in motion is to find its place in the whole through the aid of the conscious shamanic observer who carries the stamp of the divine in her every glance, inclination, utterance and step. The sanctuary of the holy city will be constructed from many such yearlings to rectify and step into the new age in unison in a grand spiral circle dance, each doing their part and coordinated from above.

May it be a year of Great Delight,
תהא שנת עונג גדול

~ Ayala


Kabbalah and Twin Flames

Kabbalah and World Esoteric Wisdom


Past shows include:

Kabbalah, Reincarnation and the Soul (2/12/2012)

Ark of the Covenant, Exile and Redemption, and Kabbalistic Astrology (2/5/2012)

The Divine Feminine, the Mystical Significance of the 613 Commadments, and Alchemy (2/4/2012) I begin speaking 1 hour into the show


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Healing miracles affirmation

7 Chakras

Health begins with awe and gratitude for our bodies. The physiological miracles within our bodies are only compounded by the mind/body connection that science is only now uncovering. Cultivating love and gratitude for our physical bodies increases our magnetic consciousness health field and opens us up even more to healing energy within natural remedies and simple foods.

The affirmation below provides an opportunity to cultivate this enhanced holy body consciousness throughout the day. As a blessing it was traditionally said every morning, and also following each time a person goes to the bathroom. You may also say it for your own healing and for the healing of those you love (just have them in mind).

Whoever is the subject of your intention, take a moment before using the intention to find something within the body that awakens your sense of the miraculous, so that you can begin the prayer with an outburst of joyful intention. Remember–like attracts like, and healing flows naturally to bodies that radiate with joy.

I stand in awe and gratitude for the divine wisdom embodied in my human body

for all of its crevices and chambers, all of whose secrets are revealed before you

Were any opening to close, or anything shutterred to open, I could not stand before you for even one moment

Blessed be the Source of all Healing

   and the Origin of All Things Miraculous