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June 19-23: Jupiter/Sun alignment, Summer Solstice, June Supermoon: A 2013 Watershed Moment


Earlier today we experienced a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter across from the galactic center. On Thursday night the sun enters Cancer, marking the solstice and the longest day and proximity to the Sun. On Sunday, we will have a supermoon in Capricorn.

The alignment, solstice and full moon are shaping up to be a watershed moment for what has been building since the winter solstice and what remains to be brought to light.

To learn how the alignments affect your personal soul trajectory, find where the degrees 28 Gemini and 3 Capricorn appear in your own chart, or ask me for a reading or to get you started.

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Saturn and the Hidden Light of the Moon

Saturn teaches us the ultimate message hidden in the duality illusion of creation: that which appears to us as obstacle is none but super-condensed light, which when approached in a detached manner, holds the secret doorway to our true evolution. Saturn and its transits can thus catapult us to entirely new levels in our journey, so long as we leave behind the blueprints we came with and ride the waves of what seem initially to be disappointments, setbacks or insurmountable obstacles. 

Where Saturn’s new position in Scorpio falls in your chart can shed light on what area it may be necessary to withdraw and take an eagle’s eye view, as the universe may be cloaking a new path in guises that our lower selves perceives as discomfort. This discomfort however serves to erode the parts of ourselves that are unnecessary in the stretches that life ahead. Saturn is the ultimate planner and architect, he cuts no corners, and takes his time sculpting the being that we are becoming. 

The key to coping with a Saturn transit is to connect with the divine feminine within, the source of endless compassion, i.e. to cut yourself some major slack. This is hidden in the zodiacal opposition between Capricorn and Cancer, Saturn and the moon. In Kabbalah, we learn that God himself, in all his glory and perfection, makes a sin-offering every month to express his regret and pain so to speak at the primordial decision the diminish the moon in relation to the sun, to create darkness or the illusion thereof along with light. When we discern the light in the darkness, we make amends for God and restore the original impulse and ultimate truth behind all creation and all perceived smallness, which is that there is no place devoid of God. Thus the planets that give us the gift of hide-and-seek lead us into the deepest stores of light, those which were hidden for our souls alone underneath all the layers that hold back even the most esteemed souls.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about the Saturn transit and your chart.


~ Ayala

What’s the sum of four t-squares? In this case, a grand air trine…


Wow! Are you feeling it? We have FOUR T-Squares in the sky right now between powerful planets!! The rules are just not working…unless you are the one making them. It may be wise to speak your needs briefly & skidaddle! Some are not ready for the innocence of new wisdom emerging from UNexpected places. There is a great synthesis occurring in the global mind and much insight is flowing to individual consciousness to facilitate liberation from what has bound us. TRUST is the name of the game, and the rewards are grand!

T-Square #1: Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries, Sun in Libra
#2: Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio
#3: Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio
#4: Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Libra
Grand Air Trine: Moon in Aquarius conjunct MC on the West Coast chart, Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Libra

New crescent moon sighting in Jerusalem


The new crescent moon as seen from Jerusalem on Monday evening heralds the onset of the new Kabbalistic Year 5773, the Year of Great Delight (ע״ג) and a re-entrance to the Garden of Eden (ג״ע).

The new moon chart for Monday night is actually much friendlier than the one for Sunday night. While Sunday night was the astrological dark moon, when no moon is apparent in the night sky, Monday night is the first crescent moon and is the astrological marker for the new month and new year in the Kabbalistic calendar.

The new moon is now in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini, fostering more channels between mind and heart and a certain comfort in living from the heart and letting the heart lead the mind rather than stand at odds with it. The moon is also in harmony with Chiron and deep healing is taking place in those area where we may feel we had no strength or creativity of our own to heal, we are simply being served opportunities and scenarios by the universe that do much of the healing for us. All we need to do is hold on and trust that the divine is right by our side, that we are never alone, and moreover, that we are the ones were been waiting for, that the real site of certainty, wholeness, health and connection is lying patiently within for us to gently turn to and get to know.

The moon is paying a visit to Saturn in Libra before Saturn continues on to Scorpio on October 6th. This will be a shift for many, especially those experiencing their first or second Saturn returns or with planets or rising signs in Scorpio. On a societal level, Saturn in Scorpio will begin to download ancient secrets in an esteemed and respectable manner and the world will begin to turn an ear to that which has been dismissible. It is for this reason that the moon is stopping by and delivering some intuitive magic to the authority of secrets so that the transmission be authentic and honorable at the same time. We truly live in historic times and the stars are conspiring to awaken us on an individual and collective level. Those who identify as lightbearers need only keep in mind that they are never truly alone, and the more obstacles they encounter on their invaluable path, the more stores of light open up in their internal switchboard and the more the sense of wonder will be in days to come.

May all have a sweet new year, and may you witness the glorious light within you!