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  1. Hello beloved! We had exchanged comments a bit ago on GLP. I would very much love to hear you interpretation of my chart. Thank you, and I will donate as soon as I get my paycheck, You deserve it for all the wonderful work that you do.

  2. Hi Melissa, I apologize but it appears as if the image file expired. Feel free to post or email me your birth info as it usually takes me a day or two to get back to you. Thanks!

  3. hello,
    unbelievable reading dear. So precise and accurate that most of the content of your reading “resonates” in a way that “explains” many things happened in my life… and great incarnation issues.
    Thanks again.
    you deserve all blessings dear!

  4. I love your webpage gerat work!

  5. charlton shawn Apollis

    Very powerfull information.My birthdate is 19/09/1974 can you give me an interpretation of my birth chart please.I know that their is something big about to happen.I have been in fast and prayer for a while and know I there is a shift busy taking place.Shalom

  6. I loved your connection. I am studing kabbalah 1 year. I enjoyed your video.
    Blessings to you.

  7. Thank you, Ayala. I just found you today, looking for a deeper understanding of Psalm 23.

    Deep gratitude resonating through my being as I read your words :: to see so much of what I’m experiencing with(in) mysElf reflected from your writing :: last night I was ‘aided in understanding’ that we’re ‘setting up a base camp in the new reality’ with(in) ourselves. And today I learn from you that bastions of ‘those who love and help us’ are on their way…and so much more.

    I am awed and lifted at once. Just beautiful.

    Thank you for all you bring.


    • That is a beautiful statement!

      ‘setting up a base camp in the new reality’ with(in) ourselves.

      Indeed we are constructing the foundations of the third temple within ourselves.

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