June 21-27: The Red Heifer, the Greatest Mysteries, and the Expression of the Highest Spectrum of Divine Light and Divine Flow in the world below in past and present generations

Some gems from the Chassidic texts on the new energy flowing in from the summer solstice:

Moses grasped the meaning of the red heifer because even though he was below in this world, as a soul inside a body, he was from the aspect of the wisdom of the realm of Atzilut, the highest of the four worlds, where everything is bound up intimately with G-d.

(Lubavitcher Rebbe, talk on Parshat Chukat 12 Tammuz 5729)

Every soul has an aspect of Moses, because he is one of the seven shepherds who are the source of life-force and divinity for all souls, and therefore they are called “shepherds”. (Tanya)

The soul of Moses was from the aspect of Atzilut, and so with the soul of Abraham, meaning that in Moses and Abraham the world of Atzilut shone in them in a way that expressed itself in the world below. Such that the world of Atzilut had an expression in the lower world. From the perspective of the light of Atzilut itself, there is no obstacle such that if Moses and Abraham were here today, the light of Atzilut would reveal itself again in them, only that in this generation (written in the 1780’s), there is no revelation of the light of Atzilut below. Now, the obstacle comes only from the side of the receiving end, but from the side of the light and the divine flow, there is no obstacle whatsoever that the highest light and divine flow be expressed today as well, only that it needs a vessel capable of holding this light, this flow.

(Likkutei Torah, Nitzavim, 49b)


Tammuz 5775: And so it begins


In Tammuz was the beginning of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, leading to 2000 years of exile and awaiting the return of God’s kingdom on earth, for Purpose to infuse creation.

In Tammuz will also begin the seeds of the collapse of the world as we know it. It may lead to even darker times ahead, but those who are watchmen and women on the walls know that these are labor pains of the new earth, of the greatest transition history has ever known. For such a time as this, you were chosen to be here.

 New Tammuz moon, Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky June 18, 2015 IMG_2040

June 19: “Bank Holiday” Preparations Begin In Greece, Lines Form At Athens ATMs

Shabbat June 19-20 Gimmel Tammuz

The Rebbe spoke these words at the close of an address he delivered on Thursday evening, April 11, 1991:

“How is it that the Redemption has not yet been attained? That despite all that has transpired and all that has been done, Moshiach has still not come?

“What more can I do? I have done all I can to bring the world to truly demand and clamor for the Redemption…. The only thing that remains for me to do is to give over the matter to you. Do all that is in your power to achieve this thing—a most sublime and transcendent light that needs to be brought down into our world with pragmatic tools….

“I have done all I can. I give it over to you. Do all that you can to bring the righteous redeemer, immediately!“I have done my part. From this point on, all is in your hands.”

The Zohar states that “When the tzaddik departs, he is to be found in all worlds, more than during his lifetime.” Now this needs to be understood. For, granted that he is to be found increasingly in the supernal worlds, because he ascends to there; but how is he found more in this world?

… As is known, the life of a tzaddik is not a physical life but a spiritual life, consisting wholly of faith, awe, and love of G-d… While the tzaddik was alive on earth, these three attributes were contained in their physical vessel and garment [ –the body] on the plane of physical space… his disciples received but a reflection of these attributes, a ray radiating beyond this vessel by means of his holy utterances and thoughts… But after his passing… whoever is close to him can receive a [far loftier dimension] of these three attributes, since they are no longer confined within a [material] vessel, nor bounded by physical space…

— Tanya, Iggeret HaKodesh 27; frequently quoted by the Rebbe in the months following the passing of his father-in-law and predecessor in 1950

Key aspects for internal shifts & world events: June – July – September 2015

Recent crop circle points to upcoming new moon, full moon and eclipse alignments

Image Source: Crop Circle Connector

We are entering an evolutioanry corridor with the new moon tonight/tomorrow, unprecedented territory in the trajectory unfolding since 2012!

Key aspects for internal shifts & world events: June – July – September 2015
Regulus – Lion’s Heart
All times US pacific

6/16 new moon
6/21 solstice
7/1 1am Venus and Jupiter 1st conjunction at 21′ Leo
7/1 7pm full moon Capricorn/Sagittarius sidereal

7/15 new moon, Mercury and Mars conjunct near new crescent
7/18 Venus at Regulus 1st time

7/25 Venus retrograde near Regulus
7/31 Venus conjunct Regulus 2nd time, Aquarius full moon
8/2 Saturn direct square Jupiter and Venus
8/4 Jupiter and Venus conjunct for the 2nd time at 28 Leo very close to Regulus

8/8/8 Mars enters Leo (tropical)
8/11 Jupiter arrives at Regulus
8/15 Venus inferior conjunction

9/6 Venus direct
9/25 Mars arrives at Regulus
9/28 final blood moon

10/8 Venus arrives at Regulus for the third time and continues forward
10/25 3rd Venus Jupiter conjunction

The Night Sky of Iyyar/Taurus New moon 4/18 and Full moon 5/3


Chart for new moon Aries (tropical) 4/18 noon pdt
Uranus, Mars, Mercury assist in new moon “launch”


4/18 new moon in Pisces/Aries(sidereal) near Mars/Mercury with view of Venus, Aldebaran, Sirius, Orion, the twins, Jupiter
Apr 22-25 kickoff – new crescent moon will appear in this highly active portion of the sky
Apr 26-May 2 almost as if we are in the desert
May 3 2nd Passover full moon of Taurus/Scorpio


* Full moon sky features full moon at the Virgo’s feet:

As the the full moon rises 5/3, setting on the western sky are Mercury the Angel/Messenger at Aldebaran/Single Eye of the Sky – Sirius, Venus, Jupiter as Witnesses

Tiferet, the Middle Pillar, the Capstone, the 7 weeks of Arrangement, the 33rd day, the Holy Spirit and the cycle of rebirth beginning in Tammuz


Tiferet is the first sefira of the middle pillar and also the totality of the principle of beauty, truth, grace, and the perfect balance of love and measure in unison

Motzei Tiferet is the day that the Tiferet energy of balancing the pillars has been cleared, achieved, fixing the error in the pillars and realigning with the Torus of the atom Adam flow…..
4/22 < note the numbers, this day represents a domino of sorts for a tidal wave of shift ahead; it is also the day after the tikkun of Tiferet of Tiferet has cleared, (middle pillar of the middle pillar/Tiferet/3 squared)
4/29 tiferet of netzach
5/6 tiferet of hod, with the next day 5/7 being the fulcrum point of the Omer, the 33rd day, from this period on the tide of 5/22 or “Tomorrowland” is the dominant current rather than the mourning of past paradigms
5/13 day 39 of the omer, tiferet of yesod (sexuality and the eternal seed)
5/18-20 new moon Pleiades, Sirius new crescent ~ tiferet of shekhinah

5/22 summation of the 49 days, the 50th day, Tomorrowland
5/22 is the fleshed out revelation of 4/4 and 4/11, it includes the lower strata of the apex of the revelation, it is also the parallel of Pentecost and the waterfall of the Holy Spirit, hence the flow of double numbers indicating movement and continuance 4/4 4/11 4/22 5/22
6/17-18 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, the beginning of the descent for the sake of ascent. No period of destruction in history has begun other than on this date. Note that it is the Fed June meeting. While rates are unlikely to rise at this date anxiety is likely to pick up ahead of the September meeting. This is what Tammuz represents, it is when Inanna descends to the underworld, these are the narrow straits out of which the eternal nature comes into view. The Messiah avatar is born among the ruins of the destruction on 9 Av. July 4th 17 Tammuz begins the three weeks. Aug 11-16 unprecedented shifting of gears in the heavens and Elul of the 7 year cycle begins 6 weeks ahead of the final blood moon that will be visible across America and in Europe and the Middle East.

The final Pluto Uranus alignment and the March solar eclipse Friday afternoon over Jerusalem

Pluto is the slowest moving planet, spending 10-12 years in each sign – defining a generation. Although its wear and tear on the current structures is incremental, over a span of a decade it has changed the world forever. from the roaring 20s to the depression to wartime, the traditional american family to the 60s and drugs of the 70s, the music of the 80s and pop culture of the 90s…

the turn of the millenium brought the internet to many people’s homes and research and information changed forever. in the second decade of this millenium we grew accustomed to having this infinite information and communication nexus in the palm of our hands. halfway through this decade, apple is about to debut the iwatch, removing the use of hands and heralding a further integration of technology. is 2020 the event horizon of transhumanism?

william henry teaches we will have a choice between pink and gray. gray, accepting a mechanical enhancement that will upgrade our functioning to a new evolutionary threshold. and yet, this is all possible in a natural way from the depth of our being, and as the transhumanist horizon appriaches so will our innate godlike abilities return as we remember who we are. the timepiece in the sky attests that the age of Pisces is giving way to the Age of Aquarius when Christ’s legacy becomes our inheritance – as it has always been – but only in secret. Technology is an extension of our divine image, but never its displacement. remember, anti- in anti-christ means ‘in place of’. the attempts to make us into superhumans do attest however that we are actually inherently wired to be capable of such as soon as our dna is activated based on alignments occuring in the days weeks and months ahead. it is a hard thing to be born between worlds, between the crucifixion and the resurrection, but the self that we remember from the previous golden age continues to notice the script of its grand return at the edge of history, the Lion Sphinx standing poised to welcome the Water bearing, knowledge bearing race of humanity, those who have chosen to evolve and embrace their potential in an unprecedented return to who we really are after a long time away.

1 nissan, the solar eclipse, was the beginning of time, and in the midst of the blood moons, marks the inner beginning of a chapter of reincarnation as gods within ourselves, the kingdom of heaven is nigh, that is what the blood moons have always been about, labor pangs and new thresholds of light. world events at this time and especially external events related to prophecy are all the more reason to birth the consciousness that is the purpose of the times in which we find ourselves, the rift between the afternoon on Friday and sunset on the onset of Sabbath. Quite appropriately, the eclipse occurs exactly at midday on Friday in Jerusalem followed by the spring equinox as the Sabbath of the new moon of Nissan, echoing the beginning of Time, arrives with the Shabbat candles containing the Light from before creation as the sun disappears below the horizon and the Bride comes in. The book of Leviticus is read in the morning featuring the small Aleph indicating the capacity of the Moses program in us to become the pinnacle of humility (malkhut) and thus a merkavah conduit for the Shekhinah. this is the primary construction of the third temple and those who persist in seeking the elusive eye of the needle will be rewarded as the new energies of Shabbat flood the world and turn Friday (Yom Shishi, the 6th day) incrementally into the realm of holiness and separation (Yom HaShvii, the 7th day), a distinction that allows for the infinite revelation of Shabbat to find a resting place in this world.


Solar Eclipse at directly overhead (at midheaven) in Jerusalem, hours before the sun enters Aries on the spring equinox.

March timeline: The peak of time as we know it

Ayala Chen

3/12 moon-Mars/Uranus-Jupiter fire trine
9pm pst Mercury enters Pisces – no more planets in Aquarius

3/13 Cinderella released, Friday the 13th

3/14 Pi day; Saturn (Kronos) retrograde

3/15 Ides of March

3/16 Uranus-Pluto square 7:53pm PST

3/17 St. Patricks day, when St. Patrick drove the serpents out of Ireland.

3/20 Solar Eclipse 2:45am PST; Spring Equinox 2:44am;

3/22 322 Knowing, Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge

3/19 -3/23 Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. The Romans celebrated her festival from March 19 to March 23 during the day which is called, in the neuter plural, Quinquatria, the fifth after the Ides of March, the nineteenth, an artisans’ holiday.

Last full week of March 3/23-3/28 CERN to start up: “initial run at circulating beams of proton in the week beginning 23 March”

3/29 Wrestlemania, Nascar Malaysia

3/29-3/31 Three “Extra Days” of March after 4 perfect weeks of February, March.

The Grand Sextile of February 25th: 2/25/15, 4-14′ ~ The Etheric Portal emerging from the 4 elements. The Kaleidoscope of the Diamond. The Aleph Returns.

*all times pdt

2/24 8:58pm (358=Mashiach) Moon conjunct Pleiades


2/25 4:40am Grand Sextile formation begins with moon at 4’14” Gemini (mutable air) in sextile with:

1) Jupiter 15′ Leo (fixed fire)

2) Mercury 9 (fixed air)

3) Saturn 4’41 Sagittarius (mutable fire)

4) North Node 10′ Libra (cardinal air)

5) Mars 4’14 Aries (Cardinal fire)
+ Venus 5′ Aries
+ Uranus 14′ Aries

Themes of the grand sextile:

The numbers 4 and 14, alluding to the first blood moon and the grand cross of April 2014 that initiated the current spiritual passageway we are in, having to do with the numbers 1 and 4, working with the four elements and making them one, thru the medium of the interchangable 5th that graces our reality thru the portal of the 50th gate, when you know, when you believe, when you inhabit the space betweeen the eyes, it’s here. and that practice, matters for the changes that are going to befall 3d. you will have a place from which to understand, things will actually make more sense to you as things are making less sense from a purely 3d perspective. this is because the dimension of ayin which encompasses both chaos and revelation is now entering this reality avenging the illusion and redeeming the yesh of what has been standing in as independently existing. It’s like the end of a play, when the actors come and take a bow, and the man behind the curtain is spotted. We are also going to be behind the curtain, with our consciousness. Think the movie Lucy, again using 97% of our “junk” DNA. What is junk to 3d, is the material of alchemy, in the world that is coming. Those who have felt in exile in the 3% activated reality, are the ancient hallmarks of the reality that is coming to be, through us. We have to believe in ourselves, because this time is for us.


~ Grand sextile lasts for the next 20 hours thru early morning Thursday (pdt) when the moon reaches 15′ in sextile with Jupiter, easing in the labor of the messianic avatar. The grand sextile signature takes us into the March month of decision, when the eclipse allows us to leave behind past karma


Tuesday night ~ moon @ Pleaides (7 sisters)


Wednesday night – Moon at Aldebaran – the pineal gland


Adar – Purim – Pisces – 12th month: the Diving Board to an Era in which we will be given a choice

Thursday February 26th is Zayin Adar of the birth & passing of Moses – the Avatar of the Redeemer and Vessel for Pure Prophecy in which subjectivity is a crystal clear kaleidoscope for objective truth that spans time and space. The only avatar more integrated than Moses was Rabbi Akiva who added onto Moses the elaboration on the wisdom contained in the crowns of the letters of the written text. Moses’ written teachings were such that even the crowns of the letters contained secrets that a mind more advanced and evolved than his thousands of years in the future could decipher and lay forth guidelines for ethical categories until the advent of the Messiah would herald a return to Eden and natural goodness. May it be speedily in our days. On Tuesday Feb. 24th the fate of Greece and the EU will again be decided. The days of Adar leading up to Purim leave a lot hanging in the balance and seemingly unfavorably. The stage is set for Purim to delver the ultimate Redemption. Rebbe Nachman said that for the generation of Mashiach, all beginnings are from Purim. The Purim full moon on 3/3 occurs at the same time that Mars, Venus and Uranus are conjunct Ketu or the south node which represents all past karma taking us in a direction away from our evolutionary trajectory. As a whole this represents the fall from eating from the tree of knowledge prematurely. And yet this very fall has the potential to take us away from the audacity that is needed to eat from the tree at the right moment – at the moment of the advent of the new age, the arrival of the Aquarian age, the Messianic age, when the God particle in us awakens from its dormant state and God incarnate becomes an actual reality, not a lost moment to be worshipped and warped. It is our hope that at this full moon we will have the valiance to stand in alignment with the teaching of both trees and declare that all that God created was very good, and that the only thing counter to our destiny to return to Eden, is the false buttress of fear that has kept the garden guarded and safe for this moment. After Purim, the waning moon takes us to the Ides of March, the ten days between March 10th and March 20th that are the astrological highlight and peak for the past 3 years. We will go through the final Uranus Pluto square that completes the signature for the process of restructuring our indigo and violet spheres and achieves a further step of integration that we have been assembling since June 2012. We then enter the spring equinox solar eclipse as beings walking partially in a sphere that exists in the “future”, but that because of our experience here during this time, is becoming “present”. Note the movie “Insurgent” that comes out none other than March 20th. “That which sets you apart will set the world free” You may want to begin taking notes – this month will be in the history books – as the days leading up to the great shift of the ages – and it may go unnoticed by those who are unaware – that doesn’t mean there aren’t audiences upon audiences of higher beings in awe of your eevery effort, thought and integration of many, many levels of differentiation of source that are becoming reconnected through the complete full-spectrum Illumination. Chodesh Tov – Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha – Adar/Pisces is the month of Joy – because of the turnaround potential of contraction to unlimited expansion may it be so speedily in our days and may we truly believe in ourselves as God does

Mercury direct February 11; New moon Adar/Aquarius #2 February 18-21. the final month of the age

Mercury moving direct at 1′ Aquarius in 13 hours…

Mercury is the MIND.. sometimes experienced as the adversary for those of us awakening to a heart-centered existence.

And yet somehow, when we find ourselves planted in the heart space, is our mind not with us? It is seamlessly fused with the heart, and the higher mind spurts forth like a tree and its limbs bring blossoms and great produce…

Mercury in the air sign can feel quite foreign to those of us with a lot of water and fire in our charts – but interestingly Aquarius is also the water-bearer. Aquarius brings the knowledge of the golden age, and prophecy says this knowledge will cover the earth like water covers the sea in that age – the age that is the balm for our separation ailment, the age that is hacking into our matrix consciousness ray by ray. So as Mercury does its final turnaround of this start-of-the-year retrograde, it carries in its bosom a jug of Aquarian wisdom and will begin to pour it out…

Shortly after the new moon takes place in the final degrees of Aquarius – and due to precession – the new crescent will appear in the heart of the constellation of the Water Bearer in the night sky, around the 20th after the astronomical new moon on the 18th. This lunar cycle is also the Chinese new year, and on the Hebrew calendar, the final lunar month before the solar eclipse of Nissan, when the unseen becomes seen. In Adar, the fate of the remnant of Israel or the shred of faith or wakefulness is under immense pressure, pressure which sets the stage for an eternal rising, a testament to the nature of darkness itself as a hack whose time is near completion and ready to be done away with, forever.