Do you have a question about a particular aspect of your chart or aspect of Kabbalistic astrology? Feel free to leave a question below and I’ll do my best to answer. In addition to readings I’d like this space to provide a space for others to learn, share and discuss this system of knowledge. For full readings, see the Specials section. To contact me privately, see the Contact section. Thanks!

  1. Where does one start to learn this system of astrology? How does it differ from conventional Western astrology?

    • In my process of recovering the ancient art of Israelite astrology and Kabbalistic astrology, it is my understanding that Western astrology is not a different system but in fact the remnants and chapter-headings of what is left of the ancient system.

      What needs to be recovered then is the intuitive way of merging knowledge and wisdom, acquired through awakening the inner eye of the soul. The chart is a communication between higher forms of intelligence and our heart, mind and soul, and can be read as flashes of messages once one begins to learn the language of astrology and of a chart. A good place to begin is to get to know the energies of the different planets in a chart and how they act out in the different signs and houses. There is much material online today to get a good handle of the basic knowledge associated with planets, signs and houses.

      The other piece of Kabbalistic astrology is the history of the zodiac as discussed in the Hebrew writings of the Kabbalistic tradition. In this tradition the different hours of the day and months of the year were associated with different spiritual energies which are further related to different aspects of the Tree of Life, angels, spiritual disciplines, and passages of scripture. Learning Kabbalah takes time but is also a fruitful path of study. A good place to begin is your Hebrew birthday, which can be found at hebcal.com , and then the guide to months of the Hebrew calendar, at http://www.inner.org/hebrew_calendar/index.php .

      It is my ongoing hope both to merge the revealed aspects of Kabbalistic astrology with the Western tradition, as well as to recover the ancient tradition of astrology as practiced by the great sages of our people through the knowledge that has been passed down through the Western and esoteric tradition. I am more than happy to help anyone who is also interested in awakening the inner eye through this wisdom.

      One key difference between how some understand Western astrology and Kabbalistic astrology is the relationship between the divine energies and the planets and heavenly forces. This is best explained by Aryeh Kaplan in his translation and commentary on a major work of Kabbalistic and astrological significance, Sefer Yetsira:

      “In order to understand the significance of the astrological forces, we must first understand the role of angels in the chain between the Sefirot and the physical world. The Sefirot are in the universe of Atzilut, and below this is Beriyah, the universe of the Throne, which serves to allow the Sefirot to interact with the lower worlds. Between Beriyah and Asiyah is Yetzirah, the world of the angels. ….every one of God’s words is actually an angel. When we speak of “God’s word,” we are actually speaking of His interaction with the lower worlds. The force that transverses the spiritual domain is what we call an angel. The stars also form an important link in God’s providence over the physical world. Between God and man, there are many levels of interaction, the lowest being those of the angels and the stars, The Midrash thus teaches, “There is no blade of grass that does not have a constellation (Mazal) over it, telling it to grow.” As the commentators explain it, God’s providence works through the angels, but these angels, in turn, work through the stars and planets.”

  2. Is the Kabbalah, the ancient Hebrew study of the stars? Is this a Messianic Christian view of the Kabbalah? Does it give personal information about people, according to their birthdates?
    I had a supernatural experience of witnessing a star that looked like the Star of Bethlehem @ the time of my husband’s death in june of 1986. I have always wanted to know if this star was just for me & family to see or if it was witnessed & recorded by astroligists.
    I have quite a story to say the least. I will share this…..just hrs prior to his death, he shared a visitation he had. He stated that God told him that He would speak to his children through the stars, if they would only listen.
    I’m very interested in any information related. Thanks
    (i think part of this txt is broken & cant retrieve to delete. :-/)

    husband’s death, he experienced visitation from the Lord, if which he stated that God told him that, He would speak to His children through the stars; if they would only listen.

  3. What types of books do you recommend for this system of astrology? I am huge fan of this blog and will probably get a reading this year. Shalom.

    • I am inventing it my merging different systems of knowledge that used to be connected. I suggest beginning with online resources such as planetwatcher.com, astro.com to pull up charts, combined with your own discernment on the vast amount of material online for the meaning of planets and signs. The problem is that we are trying to reconstruct true astrology and everything can lead us there but we must have discernment. The other important body of material in this study is laid out in the err sources section and that is the information in the Jewish and Kabbalistic tradition to reconstruct the tree of life and true meaning of the bible. I am unable to give personal readings at this time but I look forward to interacting through this site and other networks such as Facebook. A chasidishe new year of deep revelations and realization of the Gdspark within! Blessings, Ayala

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