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Kabbalah Astrology Reading by Ayala Chen 8/9/13

Dear __________,

You have four out of six planets in place in what would be a grand sextile or star of David. These planets are Pluto at 23 Leo, Neptune/Saturn at 23/25 Libra, Sun/Moon at 24/19 Sagittarius, and Mars at 19 Aquarius. This partial grand sextile is reminiscent of the verse in Pirkei Avot – it is not upon you to finish the work, nor are you free to refrain from it. You have a big role to play in these times which has to do with the birth and revelation of Mashiach, which happens under a full grand sextile of which your chart has two-thirds. The grand sextile your chart alludes to harmonizes the energies of fire and air, namely fixed fire (Leo), cardinal air (Libra), mutable fire (Sagittarius) and fixed air (Aquarius). Missing are cardinal fire (Aries) and mutable air (Gemini). You synthesize fiery passion and burning curiosity with a yearning for peace and harmony and reconciliation and bridges across frontiers. In order to complete your grand sextile, you seek out one-pointed direction and communicative, rational faculties. These can be cultivated in yourself through surrender to guides you encounter throughout your life who teach you things from outside of yourself and add to what you come with innately.

Pluto in Leo carries the memory of great, visionary and enlightened leaders of idyllic ancient civilizations, who have returned in this lifetime to discover G-d’s glory from behind a curtain of concealment. Aligned with Mars in Aquarius, your personality has a forcefulness which remembers the importance your soul once carried and operates as if nothing can hold it back in this age too. This has drawbacks, but also advantages. It is a certain chutzpah d’mshicha or messianic boldness that does not recognize obstacles as such.

Neptune and Saturn in Libra in your 9th house gives you a natural gateway to Torah and a lifelong path of learning. You enjoy a liking for both the revealed, exoteric and concealed, esoteric and mystical aspects of Torah and have the potential to fuse mysticism and law as Rebbe Nachman did in Likkutei Halachot, in which he reveals some of the secrets behind the mitzvot and their detailed halakhot. This exploration is also related to the messianic potential that your soul carries and can help positively channel your chutzpah d’mshicha.

The sun and moon together in a chart gives you a harmony between your inner, emotional nature and your external persona. You have the potential to be loved and respected among your peers, and to be a loyal friend who provides emotional understanding and support. This could also make you a leader in some way or among some group. This positive example you lead builds on experiences of your soul path in serving of positions of authority and greatness on a much grander scale. Through your own sphere, wherever you carve it out, you carry on this legacy. Much of your life has the potential to reach a pleasant vibration of harmony and the working of cosmic forces together and productively, through this basic sun and moon harmony, hinting at the reconciliation and peace to come in the messianic era.

The two sources of tension in your chart derive from Jupiter in Taurus near your Imum Coeli or soul origin, and Uranus in the 6th house near the descendent. Near the Imum Coeli Jupiter indicates a past life influence. At 11 Taurus Jupiter is at the rung on the tree of life of Hod in Netzach, or the surrender in endurance. Thus some challenge in your life is requesting you to hone this quality of surrender for the ultimate purpose of endurance. To not thrust forward, but to surrender in the name of perserverance. This may involve becoming silent or nullified in the face of criticism as a way of sweetening the negativity and thus contributing to the greater kabbalistic process of sweetening the gevurot. If you can find the correct balance of channeling the forcefulness in your personality into Torah study and innovation, and choosing surrender in the name of perserverance when you encounter conflict, you will complete the Star of David that lies in potentiality in your chart, and move towards the revelation of Mashiach in your own microcosm as a vehicle to the macrocosm.

The other source of challenge lies in Uranus in the 6th house. This is connected to the previous influence. When you hone the quality of surrender in service of perserverance, which is an essential element of your soul trajectory, this will positively impact your health and wellbeing on a physical level as well. This is important to sweeten the gevurot. Also, through studying the deeper meaning of the mitzvot and fusing the inner and outer dimensions of Torah you will also sweeten the gevurot and this will result in a rejuvination of health and vitality. You may want to explore the halachot of niddah and mikvah, as this area of halacha contains secrets that are aligned with the evolution of your soul, and this could also complete the star of David under which Mashiach is revealed.

When planets pass through 23 Aries and 23 Gemini, these are portals for your Star of David to be completed and advanced in the ways outlined above and in ways the universe will arrange for you. Upcoming sha’ot ratzon, or windows of divine grace, include:
Shabbat August 24th – Chai Elul – the birthday of the Ba’al Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe. The Alter Rebbe is a key figure for you, specifically the synthesis he did between the exoteric and esoteric dimensions of Torah. If possible study Torah Or and Likkutei Torah. On this day a new revelation comes down. It is the birthday of your learning cycle. Amazingly enough, the moon on this day will be at 23 Aries, thus completing another point in the star of David. In other words, the planets in your chart and the planets in heaven now work together to reveal Mashiach. The moon in Aries carries highly dynamic force to begin new projects and processes and to continuously be reborn anew. Dive into Torah as if for the first time and listen for new dimensions to be revealed, first in intimacy to your soul, and then in a way you can express to others to whom you serve as an example.

Also, the day after Chai Elul, there will be a star of David in the sky, which is a twin star of David to the one that appeared on July 29th. It is simply impossible to describe the potential for both your soul’s and the world’s evolution during this portal. Trust in that which is being revealed on many levels of your neshama, both those revealed and those which will be revealed through Hashem’s grace.

Thursday August 29th – On this day the moon will be at 23 Gemini. You may experience an extension of the new beginning the Shabbat before through mitzvot or revealed Torah. Gemini is the mazal of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, in a way every Jew can understand. You may have an opportunity to communicate new concepts in new ways with this alignment. These two dates help you complete the star of David through one-pointedness and new beginnings, and then through communication through harmony and an abundance of words and ideas, through the letters of Torah.

Just before and the day of Pesach 5774, when the sun is at 23 Aries, will be another major turning point and will solidify the point of the star that enables you to move forward in the world in a one-pointed and directed manner, and that solidifies as well the new beginnings in Torah from Chai Elul. The new light that comes down during the seder will provide new fuel for the messianic program of your soul, which you are not here to complete nor to refrain from.

The 28th day of the Omer 5774 (May 13 2014) Malchut of Netzach, will seal the work you have been doing in cultivating surrender in perserverance and will help establish this trait as a permanent fixture of your personality. This is like the process by which Avraham added a letter to his name. Your chart can manifest a new point because of the alignment between your conscious efforts in the middot and learning, and opportunities available through the Omer on the tree of life. When surrender to Hashem through His manifestations in other people and even negativity that comes your way becomes part of your basic personality, you will cross a key milestone in your tikkun and clear room for your free choice and truly divine nature to manifest below.

On the Shabbat of Shlach 5774 (June 14 2014), the sun will be at 23 Gemini at your final star of David point in mutable air. This will be a milestone and a setting forth on a path of teaching Torah to others in a way that continues the revelation at Sinai, that manifests the inner work you have been doing and the learning you have been receiving. Your teaching will be an extension of the tikkun that you do on yourself. It is good to begin now to pray to merit to make chidushim in Torah, which is the greatest joy and which will complete your Star of David and the balance of forces under which Mashiach is revealed. When great, fiery passion is directed to broad, deep learning, and self-re-creation is birthed into new teaching and love between souls, there is a harmony of fire and air that is needed in one’s own spiritual world to see Mashiach through the lattice and manifest prophecy through free will, will that is free from tikkun and liberated to move the harmony that now exists within into reality – bafo’al mamash.

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life, and complete your tikkun in this lifetime, doing complete teshuva from ahavah and manifesting the aspect of Mashiach that you carry,

With love,

Kabbalah Astrology Reading by Ayala Chen, 6/12/13

Dear  ______,

Your chart features a grand water trine with Mars at 29’59” Libra, Jupiter at 4 Pisces, and Uranus at 7 Cancer. This triangle of aspects between planets in harmonious signs creates the potential for a productive dynamic between your self-assertion, creative gifts, and individualized, professional talents. There are two potential blocks, however, to the self-assertion offered by Mars in the last degrees of Libra. The first is that Mars, the planet of the ego drive forward, is in the sign of balance and peacemaking, where what it is pushing forward is not as obvious. It is also in the very last degree of the sign, which puts it in a liminal space between Libra and Scorpio, which could introduce hesitance between two radically different approaches of self-assertion. When working with Libra Mars in positive aspect to Cancer and Pisces, you must take as a given that your drive to become or fully embody who you are will not be led primarily by ego, even though it seems that this is the model the world has provided for how we are to step forward and become “ourselves”. Instead, you will be drawing on your spiritual guides (Jupiter in Pisces) who have been or will be teaching you creative gifts (5th house of creativity), which could be artistic, musical, or playful in nature in any area. Furthermore you will be tapping into a higher consciousness (Uranus), rooted in the feminine (Cancer), which has everything to do with how to put these gifts and your unique imprint out there in the world. Again, the area of the chart which is traditionally your space to come out into the world is positioned somewhat awkwardly in the sign of Cancer, which is conventionally a homey, climb-into-your-shell sign. Thus your career or sharing of your gifts may take on the quality of one-on-one or small-scale nurturing or giving, empathizing, or teaching. These three planets (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus) create a highly fruitful dynamic between your self-anchoring, your creative spirit, and your worldly pursuits. There is only one other thing which could hold you back, which has to do with your 12th house of the subconscious. Here, you have Saturn, the great planet of limitation and withdrawal, in the area of the collective unconscious, spirit and dreamworld. It is as if you have a lid on the well of your subconscious which must be lifted for the grand water trine to flow harmoniously. The lid could be stifling the voices of guides and your inner child from taking part in the process that is so crucial in bridging your self-discovery and your showering down your gifts onto others. It is difficult to work with Saturn as it is naturally misaligned with the playfulness of Jupiter in 5th. Therefore you must engage in an honest inner dialogue between your voices of opposition and inner authority structures, and your deep empathic and intuitive capabilities. Through inviting Saturn into the picture, you may discover within you a firm foundation of inner authority and ancient pathways of the soul on which to base the inner and outer work that you do. It is also advised to balance masculine and feminine energies within, and to share your self-discovery journey with others, to eliminate the elements that are fantastical and bring the process into the limelight, where you could grow as a wellspring–balanced, gregarious, and bringing others together.

In Kabbalah, Cancer and the moon represent the Divine Feminine or Shekhinah. Your midheaven is in Cancer, as are the moon, Venus and Uranus. These placements indicate that your life is in sacred alignment with the divine feminine archetype and that you are being drawn to walk in the way of the goddess. The way of the goddess is to transform fear into love inside herself and in others. She is the supreme comforter and is always available for shelter and consolation, as are her stores of energies, to which others can tap in and channel themselves.

I deeply enjoyed reading your chart. Please be in touch with any questions or comments.




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