At this time I am not giving personal readings.


Coming up: your astro chart with fixed stars printed in color + one-page written report on the unique features of your chart from a holistic numerological-astrological-kabblistic perspective ~ mailed to you. as i receive your names i will put them on a list and proceed in that order ❤ namaste. please include your birth day, time & place. 


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Fusion Snapshots – donation-based


I am currently offering snapshot readings offering a fusion of Kabbalistic astrology based on the Hebrew calendar and Western zodiac astrology based on the alignment of planets at the time of your birth. While a traditional reading with this vast quantity of input can amount to several pages or several hours of discussion, I have decided to offer you the “best hits” of such a reading on a donation basis. If you are interested in receiving such a snapshot at this time, you may privately e-mail me your birth information (date, time, city) or post it below. All readings will be e-mailed privately. Please indicate if I can post your reading anonymously in the Samples section for the educational benefit of other readers.

Full reading$30

A comprehensive and intuitive reading of your birth chart including personality analysis, soul mission, twin flame, spiritual growth trajectory, past lives, and current planetary alignments.

Full Reading w/ Follow-up Correspondence – $50

Enables us to keep up a conversation after your reading, based on your questions and comments, and go deeper into your chart.

Question-based – $10 each

If you have a particular question in the area of relationships, career, spiritual work, etc, I can focus on that part of your chart and expand on potential challenges & solutions based on natal placements and transits.

Follow-up readings: If I have already done a snaphot or full reading of your chart, I can also do the following:

Current transit snapshot – $10 (order as often as you would like)

Learn about what is happening in your life now based on how the current planetary alignments synersize with your chart. Wonderful for new moons, full moons and other major transits.

Synastry reading – $30 after previous reading; $60 for first-time users

Your chart overlayed with that of a potential, current or past mate, parent or child, to better understand your relationship

Question-based – $10 each

If you have a particular question in the area of relationships, career, spiritual work, etc, I can focus on that part of your chart and expand on potential challenges & solutions based on natal placements and transits.

To purchase a reading please email me (see contact section) your birth date, time and place. You may pay upon receipt of your reading. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Please allow 4-72 hours for a response. Blessings, Ayala


  1. Interested in a full reading. Very difficult time personally since Winter Solstice and here we are just passing Summer Solstice and I’m really ready to pack up my little family and go feral. ;-). lol. The World is feeling crazy. 😦 thank-you for you help. You r a good Soul!
    12-5-1969 New Milford CT 9:05 am

  2. Hi Kimber,
    On the winter solstice, Pluto was exactly conjunct your ascendant. What a time for you! Your ascendant is the foundation of your personality, and Pluto is the planet of transformation – the image of the pheonix rising from the ashes of all that has perished. This process begins with a feeling of complete upheaval and no solid ground. Ultimately Pluto’s transit serves a very high purpose of restructuring our lives in synchronization with a Higher Purpose, and so the more we can let go and trust, the more the ride can be consciously experienced as a divine lesson of the highest order.
    Your north node is in Pisces in the 2nd house, and settling down, even if it is in a fluid and non-attached way is a central focus in your life. You also have Chiron here and could have a wound around the notion of stability. You have Mars here as well and have great drive to invest in your material surroundings, which can be a spiritual process too. The process of setting yourself up, often for the sake of others, carries with it invaluable lessons.
    You have Saturn in the third house near your Imum Coeli, and you may have an inner maturity that comes to you as if from another world. You may have had a position of authority in a past life, and you may receive illumination about this through your subconscious, or through dreams. You may have to learn how to adjust to the circumstances of this lifetime, which are quite different, and which require you to be wise in a different, more inner way.
    Mars will be entering your 6th house, and Jupiter will be transiting through it throughout the next year, such that you will have enhanced vitality and health available to you. You may also feel invigorated to establish new routines and get work done. Start keeping checklists and enjoy the feeling of checking things off when you move down the list.
    Your sun will be in the seventh house for the next month, bringing a relationship into focus. Your seventh house is in Cancer, and you have a natural tendency to nurturing.
    Pluto in the 8th house indicates past life experiences that play into your current psyche. You may have intuitive abilities from these experiences, and you are an especially perceptive and empathetic friend as a result.
    You have Uranus, the moon and Jupiter in your 9th house of education and travel. Keeping your higher mind active with study of philosophical or spiritual subjects will prove beneficial. You may know a lot already from within, but the acquisition of knowledge and intellectual pursuit will stimulate you as well and give you a sense of peace, balance and stability. These three planets together could give you flashes of inspiration and an intuitive understanding of subjects that others consider arcane or advanced.
    Your midheaven is in Scorpio, and since November your career may feel held back in some way. This will ultimately strengthen you and prepare the ground for something more authentically you to take root. Use this time to go back to school, and to find other sources of income to keep you comfortable on the material plane. Later you will put the pieces together for your career and higher calling.
    You have Neptune, Venus, and the Sun in your 11th house of your social world, and this is clearly a fortuitous and pleasant aspect of your life. You shine among your friends and provide many gifts to them. You may have some artistic talents as well that you can share with your peers. It’s important to stay focused in your own life and goals, but these friends enrich your life in many ways.
    With Mercury in the twelfth house, you may be receiving messages from the subconscious realms, through dreams or intuition. These will assist you on many levels, and it would be wise to develop an inner dialogue with your guides through prayer and meditation. This is also where the Supermoon was last weekend, and its illumination may have opened something for you. Together with the solstice, these alignments are helping you move towards the stability you seek, by drawing on your wisdom and poise from other ages, moving you towards activating your higher mind, and revitalizing your drive to make positive change around you. Your friends will be helpful throughout most of this process, but ultimately it is you that will walk through the doorway to all you seek.
    Take care, dear one!
    P.S. With your permission, I’m posting this reading on my site in response to your comment. If you’d like it kept private, let me know and it will be done.

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