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Yom Kippur: Consummation of the Alchemical Marriage; 4-5 Tishrei/Venus-Moon Conjunction: The First Wave of Uncovering


The energies of 5774 are here, and our system is experiencing them whether we can keep up with processing them, or not. It may be necessary to slip into other modes of experiencing reality such as meditation, prayer, ecstatic creative states, etc in order to truly fathom what is occuring to our multidimensional selves. Something that has been brewing and brimming over on the inside is now making its traces and marks on the outside, bafo’al mamash. Three-dimensional reality is on its way to becoming obsolete, but the very raw materials of three-dimensional reality–the sounds, sights, smells and angles, will be the language through which the true awe of Hashem – All That Is – will be communicated for every living being to grasp and worship out of nothing less than innate joy, love and awe of the heart.

We are now halfway between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. The inner point of the soul has  crowned G-d as King anew, and this assertion is translating and percolating down through our myriad layers of consciousness. By Yom Kippur we the bride (looking in the mirror, she can be either one) will be ready for her groom, ready for the harmonization of energies that will create the seamless continuum between physical and spiritual that will prepare the world for the great revelations that are coming. The delay is only for the sake of the natural process of enlightenment to take place in one additional soul, perhaps in your field of influence, to realize the truth of existence on one’s own before the revelation is so great that it happens instantaneously, with less individual merit. This is because those who have an inkling of what is coming before it comes, will derive that much more joy from the process of being a participant behind the veil of the process of concealment being revealed, which is according to the divine worlds the greatest joy that exists, the reason for which will also be part of the revelation, why things have been hidden, what benefit there is in the process of which we are part. Use this time, certain of what is coming, to prepare yet another feature of your surroundings, to be fit for the arrival of the Bride, for the human world and all the mulitiplicity it contains to be a proper vessel for the highest heights of divine bliss that are about to become manifest in our spheres. We are a part of this process and have been chosen to do so, do not doubt your importance or the great merit of being here now to witness and usher in the age for which the greatest of sages have wept many nights to see pass and to be included in its holy birth, which will please G-d be easy & quick.

For more information on how your divine imprint as manifest in your astrological chart will experience the shift, please contact me. You may donate after you have received a response if I am able to provide something of value to you.

P.S. Regarding current events: The world war narrative is a flipside of the potential for grand and utter transformation that is possible on a moral and spiritual plane inside our own selves and our spheres of influence, unlocked by the key of our true acceptance of the greatness of our mission, in complete bittul or oneness with All That Is, that which enlivens us incessantly through our individuality. When we step into this the war will be no more, there will be no opponents, because all will have returned to Source. Most of what we observe is for our own process, prevent harm where you can, and hear the divine communication in every step. Shana tova, gmar chatima tova, may you be inscribed & sealed in the Book of Life. Life is the beginning of all good things.


4-5 Tishrei/September 8: The first wave of uncovering


Source: Sky & Telescope

Sun Sept 8 (9/8) 1:44pm PST Venus Conjunct Moon @ 27 degrees 13′ Libra –

An initial wave of uncovering in the preparation of the Bride for consummation:

Rabbi Yose said: who is the beautiful virgin who has no eyes, whose body is secret but yet revealed, revealed in the morning and secret during the day, and adorned with jewelry that does not exist?

She is, so to speak, as a beautiful maiden, who hides in the inner chambers of her palace, who has a lover that no one knows but her. Because of the love that he feels, he loiters constantly by door of the girl and wanders restlessly with his eyes. She knows that he is still there near her home, and what does she do? She opens a narrow window in her palace chamber and shows her face to him. The beloved is revived, knowing that the girl has sent a sign of her love, even if only for a moment.

So is the Torah that reveals it innermost secrets only to those who love her; its elusive revealing stirs up the love of its lover. At the beginning, when Torah begins to speak to someone, it gives him allusions. If man understands and acknowledges it, good. Otherwise it sends for him, addresses him as “novice” and then says to his messengers: “Let all who are simple come in here!” she says to those who lack judgment. When he comes, the Torah begins to speak, at first from behind the curtain that it unfolds for him around its own words, so that they are in his measure (PSHAT).

Slowly he sees more and more: this is the so-called DRASHAH. After this the Torah begins to talk to him behind a fine cloth fabric, using riddles and parables, namely Aggadah. When at last the man can say he is in confidence with the Torah, then and only then she exposed to him face to face, telling him the secrets of the most inaccessible and mysterious ways, all the answers in her heart since immemorial time (SOD). Then the man is a true follower of the Torah, which may be called “Master of the House” (ba’al habayit) because she has revealed to him all her secrets, without keeping or concealing anything!

Then he realizes that indeed the words of the Torah is unacceptable to add or subtract anything, not even a sign or a character.

(Zohar II 94b-99b)


8/20: August full moon ~ Basking in the rays of the era of Luna and Aquarius


Full moon chart features:
* Sun & mercury in LEO opposite moon in AQUARIUS & nearby neptune in pisces…

*Grand cardinal cross: pluto in capricorn x jupiter in cancer, uranus in aries x newcomer venus in LIBRA

*Grand water trine: saturn & node in scorpio – jupiter in cancer – neptune, chiron in pisces

Grand cardinal cross sets up the stage for a major shift as a result of no other choice ~ the new venus in libra suggests this is about rising to a higher equilibrium

Water trine continues to bring prophecy in through the soul’s portals from distant worlds to lubricate the shift…

Aquarius-leo / solar-lunar opposition catapults us from nostalgia of lost golden ages and the sunburn of matrix rule to bask in the cumulative rays of light shining forth from the new era led by Luna and Aquarius ~ well aspected Pluto in Capricorn suggests systemic change and developments on the global scale as well..

The shift ushered in by the full moon carries through the week and builds towards the grand sextile + grand cross formation on Sunday

This energy is high-powered.. not much left to do now.. the work to receive this energy has been happening all along.. BELIEVE

Closing up 5773 – Elul – August-September forecast – towards the new light of 5774


The Kabbalistic month of Elul begins today, August 7th. This month takes us through the last lunar cycle of 5773 before the onset of the new energy of 5774, which culminates at the fall equinox which marks 9 months from the winter solstice that left us suspended between heaven and earth. The following are key stepping stones in working through this last layer that reveals the essential light that is to be unleashed in the monumental year of 5774:

8/7 5pm PST – Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn – through deep emotional work we have secured our personal bridge from heaven to earth. We are also in the midst of the Lion’s Gate.

8/9 – Gimmel Elul – the yartzeit of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the great 20th century mystic. Rav Kook was from the messianic age and lived before his time. On this day his soul now free in heaven and its powers are especially available to us in perceiving the signs of redemption in the reality that surrounds us. Psalms and studying his teachings are good today.

8/10 – Shabbat Shoftim – 4th of Elul – on Sabbath afternoon a yod points at Neptune in Pisces and births a new multidimensional center within ourselves that can coexist in realms of heaven and earth through the friction we have trudged through of mind and heart.

8/11 – three months to 11/11. In the morning (11am PST), Saturn at 5 Scorpio squares Mercury at 5 Leo. The gatekeeper helps our minds and heart cultivate patience that knows all things come in good time.

8/13 Pluto quincunx Mercury at 9 degrees. Leo and Capricorn relationship is tested. Mercury in Leo brings a fiery mind to everything, but it must first take a seat at the table of the elders. Then its fire can be as potent and everlasting as only Mercury and Pluto can do. This directive about taming fiery Merucry with the power of the ages lasts throughout the month.

8/16 – Friday; the 10th of Elul – Jupiter trine north node. An expansive, visionary leap towards our life purpose appears on this day and throughout Shabbat. We are led to our personal Land of Israel, the land that G-d has hinted he will show us, the land that is our inheritance.

8/19 – the 13th of Elul, alluding to the 13 principles of compassion that envelop this month. Venus quincunx Neptune at 4 degrees (Libra; Pisces). In time, going deeper will bring about a greater harmony.

8/21 – full moon, the 15th of Elul. One month until the feast of Tabernacles and the fall equinox. Uranus squares Jupiter at 12 degrees Aries, Cancer. The soul feels the pain of the separation of principles that posits freedom and creativity against security and the womb, and knows that at their source the two are one. The wounded healer will glean deep lessons.

8/24- the 18th of Elul, the birthday of the Ba’al Shem Tov and the author of the Tanya, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. Also the day of the revelation of the Ba’al Shem Tov. A day of the start of the revelation of one’s inner godliness. On this day the oppression of the miracle worker and the sacred priestess is in abeyance and a new revelation to the inner sphere that manifests in the outer sphere takes place. For more on Chai Elul see here.

8/25 – The second star of David between the planets encompasses the earth, this time along with a grand cardinal cross between Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and Uranus. This is the climax of this year’s energy and out of it the peaks of the new year will be born.


8/27 – Mars moves into Leo. The energy of 5773 will finish off with a bang.

8/31 – Shabbat Nitzavim/Vayelech – On this day on the Kabbalistic calendar, the world was created. New creative energy pulsates throughout creation and it is literally reborn. Transformation potential is huge. What is yearned for during this week will be birthed during the month of Tishrei which begins on September 4th at sunset. If we make the most of what is on our plate, utilizing study and prayer, we can ascend to become divine co-creators which has always been our destiny (with the grace of Hashem).

9/2 – Neptune quincunx Mars (Pisces / Leo) – 27th of Elul – the primordial separation of water and fire occurred on this day. During the messianic era the elements will no longer be in battle but will be united in their common source as they are in heaven. May he who makes peace above make peace below.

9/4 Rosh Hashana – the 1st of Tishrei begins at sunset. Enter this space like a newborn, and come out a new being. The world is literally born anew in these 48 hours. Believe in the power of transformation and the divine ear. It is traditional to recite the entire book of Psalms and to refrain from unnecessary chatter. Remember, you are given the experiences you are needed for these milestones in time. Look in the sky for the new crescent. As the moon is renewed, so will you. Your consciousness creates the space for your new beginning. Hashem has been and is at your side all along.

Happy 5774 – May you be inscribed in the Book of Life – and step into the new revelation of 5774 – a revelation birthed out of the contrasts & experiences of this last climactic month of 5773 – the month that takes us through the last subconscious layer that shields the great light of last winter solstice, we are preparing to assimilate it all, to know G-d as we truly are, to be seen as we truly are, and each moment of light and shade is our evolutionary homework: we call AYEKAH or where are you? in the shade, and draw a bit of light down, and praise in the light, connecting light and darkness, until enough agents have remembered themselves and reached a threshold of belief in the miracle of existence that the everlasting light of the soul will have its day to shine forth as bright as the light of creation, as bright as the candles of channukah.

New Moon Elul: Transformation that reveals hidden realms here on earth and bridges to Heaven


New moon at 2pm PST Monday afternoon ~ the Kabbalistic month of Elul (Virgo) begins tonight!

The new moon also features the closening Jupiter-Pluto opposition that bridges the gate of man and gate of God. Our transformation in a way that brings other realms down to earth is nurtured by our faith in moments of unclarity in this realm. The bridge between realms climaxes on Wednesday.

Next weekend the balance-seeking, heart-centered Libra moon and the fiery Mercury mind form a yod (finger of God) with Neptune in Pisces. A new inner spiritual dimension may be revealed that bridges mind and heart and allows one to swim along with God in the world. This will manifest in the house where Neptune is found in our natal charts.

Chodesh tov,


July 7-Aug 17: The Kabbalistic month of Av and the Eternal Temple of the Heart


Sometimes something needs to be torn down and destroyed in order for a more solid structure to be erected in its place.

This is the secret of why the first and second temples were destroyed in the month of Av (Leo), and why the eternal third temple, constructed first and foremost inside the heart, will be erected in this month precisely.

The advantage of the third temple in relation to the first and second is akin to the relationship between the righteous and the penitent, of those who never fall to those who fell, and rose again, and who incorporate all stumbling into their new stature.

This is the secret of the eternal nature of the third temple – it cannot be destroyed, because it has already incorporated destruction into growth, and draws its life-force directly from the divine crown itself, and is eternally created anew.

For more on the three weeks of mourning that are destined to transform into three weeks of celebration, see here.