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Full Moon Cancer / Tu Bishvat / Beginning of a New Cycle

Full Moon in Cancer, 4:52am GMT on Jan. 16th @ 25* 58″ Cancer/Capricorn


* Grand Cardinal cross: Mars-Vesta, Venus-Pluto-Sun, Jupiter, Uranus. This cross began Christmas eve and will last through Passover/April 2014/1st Blood Moon, but this instance of it features a fairly close and brief Mars-Venus square, just before Venus becomes the morning star on the 17th. Potent energy.
* The rising sign/ascendant of this chart is conjunct with the fixed Star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, invested with ancient, subconscious messianic anticipation.

* Saturn presents a cooling, balming effect on the hard square aspects, suggesting that with teachings and emotional maturity one can elevate the aspects and gain insight from these times.

Via End of Days:

while the “9 months” of Geulah b’Rachamim apparently began… last Av [August 2012] and ending during Pesach [March 2013],

the “9 months” of Geulah b’Din, which ends next Sukkot [September 2014], begins next week just before Tu B’Shevat [January 15/16, 2014].

It should be noted that due to the fact that this Hebrew year has a 13th month beginning on the next new moon, the budding of the trees may not occur until the following full moon.

This entire year since Rosh Hashana has featured a ‘doubling’ of epochs in which we are not sure which month we are truly in. This will be realigned after the 13th month and the vernal equinox, 1 Nissan, April 1st 2014 (4/1/14).

This may give reason to examine a similar chart the next full moon in alignment with these prophecies:

Full Moon in Leo, 12:52am GMT on Feb. 14th @ 26* 13″ Leo/Aquarius


By the next full moon, the grand cross has dis-assembled for a short window. The sun and Mercury are in range of Netpune and Chiron, coming closer to what will be a Solar-Neptunian conjunction on Feb 23rd, and a Solar-Chiron conjunction on March 3rd, shedding light on the deep waters of subconscious awakening that have been occuring since the confluence of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in recent times.

This February full moon chart also features a tight t-square between Jupiter, Pluto-Venus and Uranus, without the fourth corner of Mars and Vesta in Libra. However the aspects between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto-Venus have become tighter.

In conclusion, each of these full moon charts represents incremental tightening of the gears of the grand cardinal cross that will again appear tighter as a result of these incremental changes, after the vernal equinox on the eve of the first blood moon.

Also, the Leo/Aquarius Full moon brings in a decisively golden-era and shift-focused illumination to this process, with the moon in Leo drawing memories from ancient times and the sun in Aquarius awakening the relevance of ancient texts and prophecies for our times, finding the right balance of what to reap from the harvest, what to cast away, and how to step into unprecedented times.

These months ahead present an unprecedented buildup sequence to the eclipse sequence that sets off after the vernal equinox. All is in place by the 1st of April, and these next four months lay the inner groundwork for the outer transformation.

*The date 4/13/14 features significantly in the following video (see previous post):


Dec. 16-17: Sun sets Galactic Center / Moon rises in Nursery of the Stars!

Sun in Solar Gate/Womb of the Galaxy/Galactic Center/Scorpion’s Tail/Sagittarius’ Bow/Ophicuous/the 13th sign/portal

Moon in Lunar Gate/Orion’s Belt/Nursery of the Stars/Aldebaran/Bull’s Horns

13/13/13 = 12/16/13 = Mayan Calendar end date/New Beginning

Full moon in Gemini/Orion’s Belt @ 1:30am PST

Venus sets in the West as Evening Star until 1/17

Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Neptune positions noted

Note: you may wish to fast-forward to 4:00 where I bring in the star charts 🙂

The Comet and the Sun – A Love Story

** must watch** so beautiful ~ the universe pulsates with Life = Hashem

“The sun is like a bridegroom emerging from his chamber; rejoicing like a mighty man running a course.” Psalm 19