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Jesus Statue In Rio De Janeiro Struck By Lightning, Christ The Redeemer Loses Finger – Yod / Finger of God at Aquarian Mercury on 1/19 Sunday Night

On January 19th at 8pm pst, the Sun enters Aquarius, the sign of man, messianic era, corresponding to Shevat and the face of Man on the chariot (merkabah). This sign can go either way; man can ‘fly too close to the sun’ like Icarus and fall due to hubris, falsely crossing the boundary of spirit and flesh, or man can be resurrected from temporal physicality and access the higher dimensions of messianic consciousness and transcend the boundaries of time and space like Rabbi Akiva did when he entered the Pardes and left in peace. This trajectory played out in the dynamics of comet ISON (I-Sun/Son) and we are still watching to see how the story ends.

An hour after the sun enters Aquarius, as the moon rises in Virgo, (Israel/woman of the apocalypse) near Regulus (king star), there will be a brief “Yod” / Finger of Destiny (green dotted lines in the chart below), pointing at Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th house (the ‘seeding’ messianic consciousness), as the rising moon in Virgo (illuminated female receptacle) sextiles with Jupiter/Sirius in Cancer (our cosmic cousins, at the gate of Man).


On Thursday night the “Finger of God” fell to earth after lightning struck the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. On Thursday the fifth portion of Yitro is read, which includes the verses: “I am God your Lord, who brought you out of Egypt, from the place of slavery. Do not have any other gods before Me. Do not represent [such] gods by any carved statue or picture of anything in the heaven above, on the earth below, or in the water below the land.” (Exodus 20:2-4)


The Yod on Sunday night, first reading of Parshas Misphatim, the gateway to the most esoteric part of the Zohar, in light of the alignment on Rosh Hashana 2017 (5778):

On 9/20/17 Rosh Hashanah 5778 Virgo is clothed with the Sun, the Moon is in close conjunction with the sun, and there is an alignment of Jupiter, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Regulus, with Venus in conjunction with Regulus.

We watch the heavens to live in the present, in the light of the future, which the righteous live in, past, present and future.

‘Thus hath R. Johanan said: in the generation when the son of David [i.e., Mashiach] will come, scholars will be few in number, and as for the rest, their eyes will fail through sorrow and grief. Multitudes of trouble and evil decrees will be promulgated anew, each new evil coming with haste before the other has ended.’ (Sanhedrin 97a)

The seven year cycle:

Our Rabbis taught: in the seven year cycle at the end of which the son of David will come-in the first year, this verse will be fulfilled: And I will cause it to rain upon one city and cause it not to rain upon another city; in the second, the arrows of hunger will be sent forth; in the third, a great famine, in the course of which men, women, and children, pious men and saints will die, and the Torah will be forgotten by its students; in the fourth, partial plenty; in the fifth, great plenty, when men will eat, drink and rejoice, and the Torah will return to its disciples; in the sixth, [Heavenly] sounds; in the seventh, wars; and at the conclusion of the septennate the son of David will come (the first year of the next Shmita cycle). R. Joseph demurred: But so many septennates have passed, yet has he not come! — Abaye retorted: Were there then [Heavenly] sounds in the sixth and wars in the seventh! Moreover, have they [sc. the troubles] been in this order!

The fiftieth year – Yovel:

Yovel carries three meanings – “Ram’s horn“, “Jubilee” and “to be carried”. The time will come when we will be “yoveled”, carried off, to our eternal resting place; to HaShem.


June 25-July 16: Between the Straits, the Alphabet & the Purpose of the World


“Between the straits” בין המצרים is the 3-week period that began last Tuesday, between the 17th of Tammuz, when the walls of Jerusalem were breached, and the 9th of Av, when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed.

It is written that in the time to come, the entire T’kufat Bein Hameitzarim (TBH) – תקופת בין המצרים – (“the period between the straits”) will turn into one great long 3-week celebration –

through the secret of entering Noah’s Ark – Teivat Noach – תבת נח – the word Tevah תבה, also from the letters TBH, means both ‘Ark’ and ‘Letter’ in Hebrew –

stepping into the Tachlit Beriyat Ha’Olam (TBH)- תכלית בריאת העולם – the Purpose of the Creation of the World, rooted in the mystery of the letters of the alphabet

The content of this future 3-week celebration of 22 days will be connected to the “It-hapcha”, אתהפכא – the turning around or Sweetening of the traditional Yom Kippur Confession וידוי, which is an acrostic based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Ashamnu, Bagadnu, Gazalnu…. (We have inccurred guilt, we have betrayed, we have stolen…) אשמנו, בגדנו, גזלנו…

The first day of this period will become the day of the “Shattering of the Walls” שבירת החומות (shevirat ha’chomot)- the shattering of preconceptions -שבירת המוסכמות (shevirat ha’muskamot). The eleventh day, the 27th of Tammuzכ”ז – ז”ך תמוז (Kaz or Zach Tamuz), corresponding to “we have deceived” (kazavnu, כזנבנו) will turn into a day of trickery, like April Fool’s, or Purim. 27 Tammuz is traditionally the birthday of Joseph.

The 12th day of the holiday, the 28th of Tammuz כ”ח תמוז will correspond to “we have made mockery of” (לצנו, latznu) – a grand day of mockery and fun (ליצנות – leitzanut)! In Gematria, “Latz” לץ – to make fun – equals 120 which is the numerical value of “Elijah the Prophet” אליהו הנביא.

On the eve of the 9th of Av, it is traditional to eat a meal of lentils עדשים (adashim), in memory of the meal Jacob fed his twin brother, Esau, to strengthen his spirit before acquiring from him the first-born status.

On the day of the “destruction” (chorban חורבן) one eats carob (charuvin חרובין), which signifies abundant grace (ribui chen ריבוי חן).

These last two days correspond to the letters Shin ש and Taf ת, which, when spelled out, equal “the Coming of the Messiah”‘ and “Completion”.

Adapted from the Hebrew text by Ariel Cohen Alloro. For full discussion see original

For more of Ariel Cohen Alloro’s work, see Facing Each Other: Making Peace between Judaism and Christianity