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Cosmic Clock Video Series Pt. 1: The Return of the Golden Age from a Kabbalistic Perspective

Journeying through the Cosmic Clock, introduction to the Kabbalistic scheme of time, relationship between week and Sabbath, exile and redemption, time and beyond time


From the Star of David Alignment to the Fall Equinox / Feast of Tabernacles: A Portal Fully Embodied on Earth


We feel something opened, and is now building from the ground up. A portal has opened, in a big way, and now we integrate the energy into our lives by drawing it down and uplifting to that level. There are some alignments in the star that only become precise as late as Sept 20th, like the mutually receptive Saturn-Pluto sextile. Because of this some feel that something opened yesterday which builds and culminates at the fall equinox. This also dovetails with prophecy in the Zohar about a star in the east and sixty days of an open portal (thanks to Rabbi David Katz for this synthesis). After that, expect more accelerated upgrades through Thanksgiving and the winter solstice.

So if yesterday was intense and today is slow, take this as Day 1 of growing towards that energy in a way that will be fully embodied on earth.

It’s time to ALCHEMIZE. The uniqueness of this portal is the transmutation of dark forces to light. (Thanks again to Rabbi Katz)

July 22 Supermoon / Tu B’Av: The light of the moon will shine like the sun, and sun like the Light of Creation


The sun at 0deg5′ Leo opposite the moon at 0deg5′ Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Mashiach, the coming Golden Age; Leo is the sign of the past Golden Age, the Garden of Eden from which we have fallen and fills our souls with longing. The full moon on 15 Av in Aquarius thus heralds the messianic prophecy “the [super]moon will shine like the sun, and the sun [in Leo, its home sign] will shine sevenfold, like the light of creation [which shone in the Garden of Eden]” – a return of the light that shone originally, and the self-illumination of the moon–our physical reality, the feminine receptacle.

The 15th of Av and midsummer supermoon is the twin of the Chanukah candles lit in the depth of winter; now, with the days long, the sun bright and in its element, what does the light of the moon contribute? On the fifteenth of Av the moon is exalted as well, as exemplified by this year’s supermoon! The feminine element of creation reaches her rectification, and the alchemical marriage between Sol and Luna takes place in all their glory, each illuminated from within, one symbolizing the greatness of Ages passed and the other the Renewal of All that Is Becoming. Together they birth the messianic child, the Philosopher’s Stone, the opening of the womb of primordial wisdom, Saturn in Scorpio, where the veil is being lifted in accordance with divine timing.

Jupiter & Mars unite at 6 Cancer. 6 in Kabbalah is Tiferet, the balance of the six branches of the soul, the uniqueness of the human form. Cancer is the sign of the feminine divine presence, the Shekhinah. The unity of Tiferet and Shekhinah is the kabbalistic alchemical marriage which brings harmony to the divine worlds as the cosmic clock approaches the arrival of the Sabbath, the hour of sacred coupling, when two become one become three, and the true third-person pronoun of G-d is revealed (hu). Venus in Virgo ensures the coupling takes place in purity, before she has known difference. Chiron in Pisces, that all wounds are healed in the coupling. The children of the coupling, are the agents of the messianic era, reinvigorated by the harmony of divine worlds.

Supermoon at 7/22 11:16am PST

June 25: Energy update: The Seventeenth of Tammuz


The full moon is behind us, and has left the door ajar somewhere in our charts. The yearly transit of the sun through the ecliptic of the constellations (from earth’s point of view) has many potential starting points. The astrological starting point is 0 Aries, where the Spring Equinox occurred during the age of Aries. This is also the biblical new year, and the point at which nature is reborn. Complementary to the cyclical natural cycle is a linear trajectory that takes our world through the precession of the equinoxes through the different ages of history into the mind of G-d. The origin of this trajectory is creation and its pinnacle is the messianic era. Each year there is a messianic cycle which parallels the natural cycle and brings in new energy to the world and into consciousness in preparation for the messianic era. This cycle begins tonight, on the seventeenth of Tammuz. Traditionally this is the day of conception of King David’s grandfather through the union of the twin flames, Ruth and Boaz. In order to keep this union secret from the external forces, this day evolved in Jewish history as a day on which the destruction of Jerusalem commenced, so that no one would look here for the initiation of redemption and thus be able to stop it. As we approach the messianic era and age of Aquarius, this day is in process of transformation from a day of mourning to a day of celebration.