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2014 – New Moon/Full Moon Dates and Times – with Kabbalistic Significance

2014 – Full Moon Dates and Times




Moon – Jan 1, 2014 – 11:15 (GMT)
Full Moon – Jan 16, 2014 – 4:54 (GMT) – Tu Bishvat
New Moon
– Jan 30, 2014 – 21:41 (GMT) – second new moon in January

MoonNo new moon this month
Full Moon – Feb 14, 2014 – 23:55 (GMT) – Adar I 15, full moon of the 13th month, added to synchronize solar and lunar cycles

Moon – Mar 1, 2014 – 8:03 (GMT)
Full Moon– Mar 16, 2014 – 17:11 (GMT) – Purim – transcendence of duality, polarity and ascendance to Joy that includes opposites and all things
New Moon
– Mar 30, 2014 – 18:48 (GMT) – second new moon in March – 1st of Nissan (first biblical month, begins eclipse cycle)

Full Moon – Apr 15, 2014 – 7:45 (GMT) – 1st blood moon
New Moon – Apr 29, 2014 – 6:18 (GMT)

Moon – May 14, 2014 – 19:19 (GMT) – 15 Iyyar – Month of Healing
New Moon – May 28, 2014 – 18:43 (GMT)

Moon – Jun 13, 2014 – 4:14 (GMT) – Shavuot, First Fruits
New Moon – Jun 27, 2014 – 8:11 (GMT) – 1 Tammuz, begins mourning/resurrection cycle

Moon – Jul 12, 2014 – 11:27 (GMT) – 15 Tammuz, mourning/falling away of old guard begins
New Moon – Jul 26, 2014 – 22:43 (GMT) – 1 Av – falling away of old guard intensifies

Moon – Aug 10, 2014 – 18:11 (GMT) – 15 Av – Rebuilding commences (Soul Mates unite)
New Moon – Aug 25, 2014 – 14:13 (GMT) – 1 Elul – Introspection, Human-Divine Love Affair begins

Moon – Sept 9, 2014 – 1:39 (GMT) – 15 Elul – Closeness between Earth-Divine realms peaks (The King is among the villagers)
New Moon – Sept 24, 2014 – 6:14 (GMT) – 1 Tishrei – New year 5775 begins

Rosh Hashana 5775 (9/24/14) also marks 12:36 on the cosmic clock. 5775 features three eclipses aligned with three major turning points in the year: Sukkot in the fall on the full moon of the solar Libra transit, the 1st of Nissan, which is parallel to 1 Aries, and Passover, the full moon of the solar Aries transit. More here:


Full Moon – Oct 8, 2014 – 10:51 (GMT) – Tabernacles – 2nd blood moon
New Moon – Oct 23, 2014 – 21:56 (GMT) – month of hiddenness (prelude to revelation) begins

Moon – Nov 6, 2014 – 22:23 (GMT)
New Moon – Nov 22, 2014 – 12:32 (GMT) – 1 Kislev – month of revelation begins

Moon – Dec 6, 2014 – 12:27 (GMT)- 15 Kislev – height of darkness and potential for illumination

New Moon – Dec 22, 2014 – 1:36 (GMT) – 1 Tevet – days begin to lengthen with new light of 5775

and so on…


July 7-8: New moon in Cancer, Saturn turns direct! Plus: Prelude to the July 29th Celestial Star of David

The new moon on the night of July 7th (11:16pm PST) will occur in the sign of Cancer, with the moon wedged between Jupiter and the Sun and Mercury at 15 degrees. An hour earlier that night, Saturn at last turns direct at 4 Scorpio, another water sign. The presence of the moon, the planet of fluidity and change, and the forward motion of Saturn in the water signs brings about a renewal of energies in our inner pools which will sit in stillness as the moon waxes, until a release and a flow of the waters picks up around the night of the 17th, the end of the 3-week mourning period on the 9th of Av, marking the birth of the Messiah, from these waters.

With Saturn turning direct, Saturn’s transits through the areas of our lives will receive an influx of insight that has accumulated over Saturn’s retrograde motion through the house in a chart since mid-February, when Saturn’s transit through Scorpio pulled to an abrupt stop and back-tracked, bringing new things to light, but without the capacity for real progress. Now the insights will flow along with the natural evolution of the dynamics Saturn is maturing and uncovering. Things that have been withheld may not yet be returned, but the soul will grow new limbs to find its own self-styled substitutions for what is being occulted by Saturn. The new moon represents the birth of the soul’s powers to find the inner pools of wisdom, strength and vitality that will combine with Saturn’s maturing influence and upgrading of abilities.

Later this month, on July 29th, Saturn and the moon will take part in the celestial Star of David formation, with Saturn as a leg of the Neptune-Jupiter water trine and the moon along with Pluto and Venus in the earth signs. This formation, which in ancient times indicated the imminent anointing of a king, represents the auspicious hour for the drawing down and anointing of the Messianic Point Within Ourselves, the etheric soul and akashic soul record which is in total unity with the Source all of Being. To reach this point, the new moon gives us new energies to accept the withdrawals and challenges in our lives as evolutionary impetuses, enabling us to rise to other planes of existence while in the material world, and interpret the events in our lives as codes from the gods, alchemizing hardship into blessing, assisted by Jupiter newly reborn in Cancer, providing foundational trust of the process, and our efforts on the earthly plane, the earth signs where the moon and Venus will land, giving voice and power to our prayers.

The Star of David represents the harmony of water and earth, masculine and feminine, human and divine, and the balance between our efforts in prayer, reaching up to the divine realms, and intuition and embodiment, receiving the information we need to step into the divine plan. This alignment will kick off the buildup of the joyous period of the Hebrew calendar–the second half of Av (Leo), the introspective and spiritually auspicious month of Elul (Virgo), the celebratory month of Tishrei (Libra), and on through Chanukah, the winter solstice and the sequence of unprecedented alignments of 2014 and 2015, preparing the world for new waves of consciousness to take root and for the world to become pregnant with divine purpose …and may she have an easy birth!


July 19th morning forecast

There is a lot of good energy in the skies today in the areas of creativity, inter-personal relationships and learning new ideas. The drive to connect socially may be hampered by deep transformations taking place that leave the ego undefined. Spontaneous energy is best directed to personal creative endeavors rather than outwards in social situations. While large social situations are difficult today, one-on-one connections are blessed by your guardian angel overlooking communication and you will easily find favor with others in intimate situations. These one-on-one connections will work well with your own process of personal transformation, and feeling at home in your own process is good place to anchor the high energies today and this week.

Rosh Chodesh Shvat & Aqauarius New Moon

This Wednesday marks the beginning of the Jewish lunar month of Shvat (kicking off with an Aquarius new moon). The holiday of the month of Shvat is Tu Bishvat at the full moon. On Tu Bishvat the effect of winter rains begins to be felt, and the sap–lifeforce–begins to ascend from the earth into the trunk and branches of the trees. New fruit begins to appear at the tips of the branches, thus beginning a New Year of Trees. Read more @

On a deeper level, Shvat also represents an opening to the Tree of Life, our primordial destiny of everlasting vitality and wisdom:

Along the river, on either bank, will grow every kind of fruit tree with leaves that never wither and fruit that never fails; they will bear new fruit every month, because this water comes from the sanctuary. And their fruit will be good to eat and the leaves medicinal. (Ezekiel 47:12)
In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life represents the blueprint of creation, replicated in the Godhead, the Human Being, the creative process and all of the natural world. Every phenomenon is rooted in infinite divinity, and branches out to encopmass the Divine qualities of wisdom and understanding, expansiveness and contraction, delight, intuition and beauty, endurance and submission, foundation and revelation.
Zohar, Radiance, of this expanse brilliantly illumines the garden, and the Tree of Life stands in the middle of the garden, its branches covering all those forms, trees, and spices in worthy garments. Beneath it all beasts of the field find shade, and all brids of the sky dwell beneath those brances.

Zohar, radiance! Fruit of the tree provides life to all, existing foreever and ever. The Other Side (Evil) does not abide there–only the side of holiness. Happy is the share of those who taste it, existing forever and ever! 
Source: Zohar Shemot, from The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume Four, p. 4
The New Moon in Aquarius represents a time for new beginnings sychronized with our connection to the Whole. All real change begins with the awareness that our true self is already aligned with the change, that perfection exists on a different plane, and we are merely opening and allowing it to manifest below in our lives. The mystery of rebirth in nature that begins in these next few weeks reawakens us to the eternal seeds within our consciousness and within the earth, that no matter how much our reality has been encumbered by limitation, we remember the way back to the Tree of Life, and are ready to claim it as our destiny.
A good week, and a good month to all!  שבוע טוב וחודש טוב