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June 25-July 16: Between the Straits, the Alphabet & the Purpose of the World


“Between the straits” בין המצרים is the 3-week period that began last Tuesday, between the 17th of Tammuz, when the walls of Jerusalem were breached, and the 9th of Av, when the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed.

It is written that in the time to come, the entire T’kufat Bein Hameitzarim (TBH) – תקופת בין המצרים – (“the period between the straits”) will turn into one great long 3-week celebration –

through the secret of entering Noah’s Ark – Teivat Noach – תבת נח – the word Tevah תבה, also from the letters TBH, means both ‘Ark’ and ‘Letter’ in Hebrew –

stepping into the Tachlit Beriyat Ha’Olam (TBH)- תכלית בריאת העולם – the Purpose of the Creation of the World, rooted in the mystery of the letters of the alphabet

The content of this future 3-week celebration of 22 days will be connected to the “It-hapcha”, אתהפכא – the turning around or Sweetening of the traditional Yom Kippur Confession וידוי, which is an acrostic based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Ashamnu, Bagadnu, Gazalnu…. (We have inccurred guilt, we have betrayed, we have stolen…) אשמנו, בגדנו, גזלנו…

The first day of this period will become the day of the “Shattering of the Walls” שבירת החומות (shevirat ha’chomot)- the shattering of preconceptions -שבירת המוסכמות (shevirat ha’muskamot). The eleventh day, the 27th of Tammuzכ”ז – ז”ך תמוז (Kaz or Zach Tamuz), corresponding to “we have deceived” (kazavnu, כזנבנו) will turn into a day of trickery, like April Fool’s, or Purim. 27 Tammuz is traditionally the birthday of Joseph.

The 12th day of the holiday, the 28th of Tammuz כ”ח תמוז will correspond to “we have made mockery of” (לצנו, latznu) – a grand day of mockery and fun (ליצנות – leitzanut)! In Gematria, “Latz” לץ – to make fun – equals 120 which is the numerical value of “Elijah the Prophet” אליהו הנביא.

On the eve of the 9th of Av, it is traditional to eat a meal of lentils עדשים (adashim), in memory of the meal Jacob fed his twin brother, Esau, to strengthen his spirit before acquiring from him the first-born status.

On the day of the “destruction” (chorban חורבן) one eats carob (charuvin חרובין), which signifies abundant grace (ribui chen ריבוי חן).

These last two days correspond to the letters Shin ש and Taf ת, which, when spelled out, equal “the Coming of the Messiah”‘ and “Completion”.

Adapted from the Hebrew text by Ariel Cohen Alloro. For full discussion see original

For more of Ariel Cohen Alloro’s work, see Facing Each Other: Making Peace between Judaism and Christianity


June 12: Numerology of today’s date


Numerology of today’s date: 6 (doubled is) 12 (plus one is) 13

This world is a blueprint for a spiritual order. When we can draw down the Alef into the world, through Torah study, prayer, or expanded consciousness, we can inhabit this world as it truly is, which is an ongoing singular dialogue between the G-dly point within us and G-d the totality of all there is.

In Torah study we accomplish this by connecting to the world of Beriyah, a gateway between the physical world and the world of Oneness. In Torah study the faculties of the heart, mind and soul (and body, through physical observance) are utilized and uplifted in the striving for Ayin, or that which lies beyond separation.

In prayer, we are reminded that there is always a rope into the experience of separation that guides the way from our present situation to the higher awareness we are to gain from working through it. This is also the gateway to miracles which draw down the infinite light into the natural order through the same pathways of creation, the Exodus and the future redemption.

In expanded consciousness, acquired through meditation, alone-ment (making oneself alone with God), or given as a gift of grace, the present plane of existence, Asiyah, merges with the highest plane of existence, Atzilut, as the Yiddish phrase teaches: Atzilus iz oych do – Atzilus is here too. From the perspective of Ein Sof, there is no difference between the higher realms and this realm; they are all refractions of light. When our awareness is expanded, we see the light instead of the shadow in every situation, and we are both liberated from time and space and empowered to reveal the infinite nature of time and space.

613 is the number of mitzvot in the Torah. The mitzvot (biblical commandments) are a system to merge the worlds of Asiyah and Atzilut. Only through the physical engagement with the world can we draw the light into the furthest of places. When the realms collapse, the mitzvot are no longer necessary, and this is the relationship between Mashiach, Judaism and Christianity. In some views, the mitzvot become an optional system to “play” with the divine energies contained in the physical world, and to continue to extract delight from the merging of physical and spiritual. When physical and spiritual are truly one continuum, all of a person’s actions become mitzvot.