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Below you can find select charts of upcoming transits, which I will try to keep updated, and a log of posts from the past for those who wish to understand the journey that has taken us here.

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~ Ayala


June 24 – August 8: Mars in Cancer

mars cancer


For an overview of 2014 and the biblical / astrological festival cycle from Spring to Winter, see:

Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice: Nine Months from Exile to Redemption

For an overview of the unique alignments of 2014-2015, see:

The Cosmic Clock – Part 2: The Eclipse Sequence of 2014-2015

Blood Moon #2:

October 1-8: Prelude to the second Blood Moon Eclipse

Biblical Year 5775:

Rosh Hashana 5775 / Yom Teruah / New Crescent Watch / Ascension Gateway 5775

September 2014:

9/9 full moon chiron gateway: shattered vessels emit light. Fall equinox/pheonix rising

August 2014:

The full moon of August/Tu B’Av & the Influx of Light from 4 Planets in Leo AUG 7-15

July-August 2014:

July 10-August 12: Four packed weeks of Inception, Reification, Reckoning, and the First Rays of the Golden Era (in Heart, Wood, and Mineral ~ Everlasting)

August 2014:

August 2014: The runway for the realm-bridging, embedded in our DNA, the necessary outgrowth of the fall

May-June 2014:

May 16-June 5: The End of the Tree: Hod, Yesod, Malchut (Astrological Kabbalistic correspondences); Also: June/July Preview

Grand cross and Blood Moon #1 of April 2014:

* Grand cardinal cross April 2014 * Activation of the Merkavah (if the inner eye is unblinded via the Likui/Eclipse Light) & ascension in light of superficial flaws (tzaraat)

For an overview of full moon and new moon dates for 2014 see:

2014 – New and Full moon Dates and Kabbalistic Significance





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