Grand Cross of 6/6/16

Below you will find the sidereal chart for dawn on June 5th 2016, when there are 3 coinciding astronomical phenomena of cosmic and esoteric significance:

1) new moon of Sivan appearing in the pleiades

2) superior conjunction of the sun and Venus in the pleiades

3) grand cross between four major planets in the signs of the faces of ezekiel’s chariot: the new moon and venus in the bull, Jupiter and the North node (destiny) in the Lion, Saturn or the gatekeeper of knowledge in the Eagle or rising phoenix, and Neptune the master of the transcendent bridge of the soul in the sign of the man or Messiah, the Water Bearer (see Stellarium screenshots below).

Note: the information on this page is part of ongoing research on this alignment. Please contact me for further information. I will continue to post information here as I am able.


IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3013 IMG_3014

  1. Very interested in this alignment and any others on into July..

    • The annual Sirius solar alignment is July 5 coincides with the new moon July 3-4 at Sirius, and it will be the first new moon after the Ezekiel’s wheel grand cross alignment.

      • Concerning the END Mayan date… This researcher (a famous one) found that Saturn is the DESTROYER OF THE EARTH:

        On June 3, 2016 Saturn will be in an alignment: Saturn-Earth-Venus
        June 1 (08:15) – 5 (05:00), 2016: Conjunction Saturn – Earth and the Sun
        June 2 (12:00) – 5 (13:30), 2016: Triple Line Up Saturn – Earth – Venus
        June 3 (12:00) – 6 (00:30), 2016: Opposition Saturn – Venus across the sun
        June 3 (20:00) – 9 (22:30), 2016: Opposition Earth – Venus across the sun

        So the possibility of a real calamity is in the charts…

        Comments highly appreciated

        patrick.geryl (add)


        Patrick Geryl

  2. Peter Cullinane

    The mazzaroth has spoken

  3. I found some baffling connections between –3113 (astronopmical) and June3, 2016

    Please read this document: states about the importance of Saturn
    This researcher (a famous one) found that Saturn is the DESTROYER OF THE EARTH:

    Figure 3.8: September 21, 3114 BCE (Gregorian proleptic) 39 days forward from the Creation date, we reach the Autumnal Equinox in Scorpius.

    = place of Saturn June3, 2016!?

    Figure 3.7b: March 19, 3113 BCE (Gregorian proleptic) 219 days forward from the Creation date, we reach the Vernal Equinox in Taurus, near the Pleiades. First appearance of Pleiades, due East.

    +> Place of Saturn – Earth- Venus June3, 2016!?

    Figure 4.12: August 13, 3114 BCE. Position of the Moon in Pisces, one day before full on the Creation date. Solid line is the path of the moon, notched line is the ecliptic.

    =< place of uranus June3, 2016!?

    Figure 4.15: Descending node at autumnal equinox position at the time of the Creation on 4 Ajaw 8 Kumk’u, August 13, 3114 BCE.

    = place of Saturn June3, 2016!?



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