I recommend the excellent work of Ayala Chen, who offers a free introduction to your Guardian Angel and position on the Tree of Life according to Kabbalistic Astrology

– Julie Demboski, Julie Demboski’s Astrology

I want to encourage everyone to consider this extraordinary offer. Mine was an amazing eye-opener. Completely different perspective of my […] conjunction in 9th House in light of the day I was born…I recommend Ayala’s readings. She opened my eyes to a couple of things no other astrologer had noticed before. And she’s right too.

– Parin Stormlaughter, client (Fusion snapshot)

I would like to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” with some simple words but from the depth of my heart. Your analysis is one of the most important things I’ve received in my life. What you do is amazing and can help a lot of people.

– J.S., client,  (Full reading + correspondence)

WHAAAOW! Hands down the most spot on reading I have ever received. Felt like a portal of some kind opened up as I first started reading. Amazing. Thank you for this 😉

– Online client, 6/22/2013 (Transit reading)

You are the “ONE”, the Astrologist that I was looking after ;)!

– O.H., client, 7/12/13 (Full reading)

Thanks so much for the reading….it touched my soul. The Gods have spoken….Your reading was the message I needed to hear.

– G.S., client (Full reading)

Unbelievable reading dear. So precise and accurate that most of the content of your reading “resonates” in a way that “explains” many things happened in my life… and great incarnation issues.

– Jack, client (Full reading + transit report)

Wow Ayala Chen thank you so much for confirming some of the things I know and feel blessed with in my life.

– B.E., client

Oh yes that was fantastic! It adds great clarity. Thank you very much Ayala.

– M.A., client

Ayala, Thank you! You are right on target.

– M.L., client

Wow. Spot on. Thank you, I’ve been trying to have a natal chart read for a long time.

– A.M., client

 You are a beautiful soul and skilled healer.

– A.L., client, 7/12/13

  1. WOW! YOU ARE REALLY GREAT AT THIS once again right on the mark! I have always loved this science also the numbers. I love this person with all my heart and have stood by him threw many difficult times. All is very true.Out of three readings you were totally correct all three times. I look forward to talking to you again.
    Blessings to you. If you need a reference
    I’m here for you!

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