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New special: Fusion snapshots


I am currently offering snapshot readings offering a fusion of Kabbalistic astrology based on the Hebrew calendar and Western zodiac astrology based on the alignment of planets at the time of your birth. While a traditional reading with this vast quantity of input can amount to several pages or several hours of discussion, I have decided to offer you the “best hits” of such a reading on a donation basis. If you are interested in receiving such a snapshot at this time, you may privately e-mail me your birth information (date, time, city) or post it below. All readings will be e-mailed privately. Please indicate if I can post your reading anonymously in the Samples section for the educational benefit of other readers.




The timing of your birth is perfect in all ways

In the video above, Abraham channels for us that the timing of our birth is perfect in all ways. This clears up a fundamental misunderstanding in astrology by both practitioners and consumers; insofar as God and the Universe are by definition Goodness, the true secret of our soul’s entanglement in the matrix of stars and planets must at its root be a liberating realization. No star or planet has the power to bind the spark of the divine within us; rather the infinite forces alive in the Divine Being animate each of us differentially at every moment, and it is by learning the tides of these waves that we can begin to dance with the ebb and flow, minimizing resistance and incrementally fusing with Source, until we are chariots below for infinite abundance, at the nexus at which many are One and One are many.

For example, if I have a challenging aspect in my chart, such as Moon opposite Sun, if I am able to harmonize these energies within me, then I have brought down to the earthplane the highest level of Oneness at which Moon and Sun are one. The essence of Moon and the essence of Sun are One, just as masculine and feminine can harmonize and couple, and their coupling generates a union no less powerful than the creation of Life. Our charts are maps for the ever-present wedding and coupling and love-making of the forces of the universe, and the more we know the storyline, the more we can enjoy the journey, and even–our birthright–influence the outcome!

Human will is another long-misunderstood notion in astrology. We are in ebery moment absolutely free–even when Saturn is opposing our Jupiter. There is no need to wait until 2013 to start that relationship–infinity can come out of the present moment —


because the present moment is above time

Astrology can help us decipher the exhilerating novel of our past and the epic possible journeys of our future, when every juncture is animated by the infinite life-force of Creation as translated through our will. Our will is extremely powerful and paradoxically it is only by learning the psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical, familial, national and cultural matrix in which are placed that we can fully harness our Power. By untangling ourselves from structures that obscure the present moment, and by utilizing the multiplicty of pathways available in different space-time arrangements we can fuse the dimensions of existence with emboldened and inspired action. We are born to be prophets and miracle-workers, and it is this that we will become.

Will you begin your journey?