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July 19th morning forecast

There is a lot of good energy in the skies today in the areas of creativity, inter-personal relationships and learning new ideas. The drive to connect socially may be hampered by deep transformations taking place that leave the ego undefined. Spontaneous energy is best directed to personal creative endeavors rather than outwards in social situations. While large social situations are difficult today, one-on-one connections are blessed by your guardian angel overlooking communication and you will easily find favor with others in intimate situations. These one-on-one connections will work well with your own process of personal transformation, and feeling at home in your own process is good place to anchor the high energies today and this week.


Solar return charts

Solar return charts can give you insight to what the year holds for you, what your focus is this year, what doors will open, what tensions and challenges you can expect, and what lies ahead in terms of relationships, finances, career and self-discovery and transformation. Your solar return chart gives you an outlook for one year from birthday to birthday, so you may wish to take a look at a chart soon before or after you birthday, or mid-year to understand what you are currently coping with and how to best use the next several months to seize the moment. My personal experience with solar return charts has been incredibly informative and I also have enjoyed sharing with friends what areas are coming alive in their lives and how the stars are working together to bring potentiality into reality.

To learn more about your solar return chart, you can contact me with your birth information (date, time, place), and whether you would like to know more about the year before or after your upcoming birthday. All readings are curently offered on a donation basis.

Grand Cardinal Cross & the Pyramid of Presence


If we can balance these four energies today, we will have great stores of energy at our fingertips:

1) Drive for self-actualization (Mars)
2) Emotional intensity and sensitivity (Moon)
3) Eagerness for challenge and adventure (Uranus)
4) Deep karmic impulse for rebirth & transformation (Pluto)

A grand cardinal cross is also an opportunity for a four-sided growth pyramid, granted we can climb the slopes and take the view from the top. By bringing awareness to these powerful energies as they play themselves out in thoughts and emotions, we can greet them with a curiosity that will let each contribute the impetus we need to make giant leaps in our psycho-spiritual growth. This process is led by our inner being, an island of stillness, the sweet spot at which we feel complete acceptance of all we are experiencing.

Hang in there, the ride is intense, but exactly what we need at this time, so trust and live deeply!

If you would like to know how the grand cardinal cross is affecting you at this time, please leave a message below or contact me for a donation-based reading. I will need your birth time, date and place.

New moon Leo and the Eternal Temple of the Heart


Note: In the Kabbalistic calendar, the zodiac signs are linked with the lunar cycle, and the new moon on Thursday marks the opening of the lunar month of Leo.

The new moon opening the Kabbalistic lunar month of Av (Leo) on early Thursday (12:24 AM EDT) represents destruction for the sake of rebuilding, or descent for the sake of ascent.

Sometimes something needs to be torn down and destroyed in order for a more solid structure to be erected in its place.

This is the secret of why the first and second temples were destroyed in the month of Av (Leo), and why the eternal third temple, constructed first and foremost inside the heart, will be erected in this month precisely.

The advantage of the third temple in relation to the first and second is akin to the relationship between the righteous and the penitent, of those who never fall to those who fell, and rose again, and who incorporate all stumbling into their new stature.

This is the secret of the eternal nature of the third temple – it cannot be destroyed, because it has already incorporated destruction into growth, and draws its life-force directly from the divine crown itself, and is eternally created anew.