Healing miracles affirmation

7 Chakras

Health begins with awe and gratitude for our bodies. The physiological miracles within our bodies are only compounded by the mind/body connection that science is only now uncovering. Cultivating love and gratitude for our physical bodies increases our magnetic consciousness health field and opens us up even more to healing energy within natural remedies and simple foods.

The affirmation below provides an opportunity to cultivate this enhanced holy body consciousness throughout the day. As a blessing it was traditionally said every morning, and also following each time a person goes to the bathroom. You may also say it for your own healing and for the healing of those you love (just have them in mind).

Whoever is the subject of your intention, take a moment before using the intention to find something within the body that awakens your sense of the miraculous, so that you can begin the prayer with an outburst of joyful intention. Remember–like attracts like, and healing flows naturally to bodies that radiate with joy.

I stand in awe and gratitude for the divine wisdom embodied in my human body

for all of its crevices and chambers, all of whose secrets are revealed before you

Were any opening to close, or anything shutterred to open, I could not stand before you for even one moment

Blessed be the Source of all Healing

   and the Origin of All Things Miraculous



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  1. “[Abraham] already knew and tested all those rulers conducting the entire inhabited world; he already balanced and tested those who ruled throughout the world, conducting stars and constellations – who overpowered whom. He had succeeded in balancing the entire inhabited world, but when he reached this site [the land of Canaan] he saw an unbearable, impenetrable potency of depths.

    Once the blessed Holy One saw his arousal and desire, He immediately revealed Himself to him, saying Go to yourself [Genesis 12:1], to know yourself to refine yourself. From your land – from that habitation to which you clung. From you birthplace – from that wisdom through which you envision and gauge your birth, the precise moment you were born, under which star and constellation. From your father’s house – Do not consider your father’s house, whether you are rooted in your father’s house to succeed in the world. So, Go you forth! – from this wisdom, this speculation” (Zohar 1:78a).


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